Noah Viney Goes To the Moon, Kinda, But Not Really | RAW

Noah Viney is a Southern California ripper in the 85cc class. And, last week, he asked us if we could join him at his private sand track track located on the moon. Okay, it’s not really on the moon. Or is it? Depends who you ask (RYNO). But, the coordinates we were given were very far away from our location. So, it felt like we went to the moon because of the distance travelled from our HQ to his moon track in nomansland.

Enjoy this RAW video of Viney doing his thing and lettin’ that two-smoker sing! And, we would also like to advise you to keep an eye out for a music edit from this day via our latest Red Program grom, Nathan Avila of @Studio39FilmCo. This will be the video where you find out more the great moon landing from the enlightened human that is Ryan Hughes.

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