Preston Boespflug Is Headed to KTM

We got some amateur silly season news.

Preston Boespflug is headed to KTM’s Orange Brigade program for 2023. He will race Supercross Futures, the Pro Motocross Scouting Combine, Daytona, Freestone, Spring a Ding, Mammoth and Loretta’s next year. 

“Excited to be doing work with the big man @realrogerdecoster,” he wrote on Instagram.

This is the second big move for Boespflug. After finishing fourth overall in 250 B and eighth overall in Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C at Loretta’s in 2021, the Washington native inked a deal with Team Green Kawasaki. 

He had a good 2022 season, finishing second in 250 B and third in Schoolboy 2 at Loretta’s and now is on the move to KTM. 

Main image: KTM

Written by Slaw Dog

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