Morning Espresso: We’re Finally Giving Away a YZ125!


I’m starting to second guess my sixth New Year’s resolution of “Join the Content Team!” This shit a lot of work on top of having a six-week-old and an *almost* two-year-old, who oh-so-fortunately learned how to climb even more damn furniture at gymnastics today. I’m not joking, I was making tacos for dinner tonight and dude climbed on the counter in 1.5 seconds flat, grabbed my freakin’ 9” knife and muttered “Red Rum” or maybe it was “Dodabeeopoppp”, slightly hard to distinguish those two. Thank God Aubrey ran over to save the day. Mom’s are the only reason we’re all alive. So yeah, anyways got my hands full now that this gymnastics class has taught my kid the speed and climbing skills of a spider monkey. New Year, New Me, right? Hooray for adding “writing way more epic ass blogs” to my to-do lists.

Power Rankings

To start things off, YES, YES I put Cooper Webb on the TOP of my Power Rankings yesterday. Read my reasoning HERE. I just have a feeling, and on top of that I refuse to manifest a runaway Tomac season. I’m excited to see him surpass the record books this year, but we can’t let him take it that easy. We fans need the entertainment of what’s been dubbed “The most exciting Supercross season ever!” So I’m putting that on my Tony Robbins vision board right this second, pinned next to my HGTV Dream Home Giveaway printout.

The Best Feature of the Week

I unfortunately have to give this one to Coney Dog, who’s been away for quite some time. Not joking, when I hit him up he was sitting on a beach of Tahiti. Likely a few deep, he asked if I would be interested in a feature with quotes riders DID NOT say. With little hesitation, I knew this would be a perfect fit here at Vurb. What better why to recap the weekends than just literally making shit up. Brilliance.

“A much better round for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki team this weekend.”
-Not Mitch Payton after Oakland

Check out Unquotables HERE for a solid laugh!

Best bet is to let me win this, and I’ll give you my barely ridden 2005 YZ125 that’s in my mom’s basement!!

THE YZ125 News

For 2022, we partnered with Mad Skills Motocross 3 to not only sponsor our Vurb Shred Tour, but to also give away a brand-new Yamaha YZ125. We’ve had quite a few messages asking when we’re going to announce, so here are a few details I will spill about it. We’re working on a new studio out here in Idaho for some fun new Vurb projects, and we plan to launch some of those said projects in February. We’re going to coincide the drawing with a little something we’ve got up our sleeves. So I don’t have an exact date quite yet, but we will be picking a winner by mid-February at the very latest.

Vurb Shred Tour Update

Speaking of Vurb Shred Tour, as you know we kicked it off A1 weekend at The Shoals MX in Donalds, SC with Stew Baylor. It was such a glorious time. We’re hard at work finalizing this year’s tour schedule and hopefully we’ll be announcing that soon. We’re coming back to the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and whatever other regions I missed. A few that have already been announced are Lincoln Trail Motosports in July aptly named the Vurb Summer Slam, The Vurbmoto Top Gun Showdown with Muddy Creek, and the Vurb Classic at Nxt Lvl 101. We’ve got some other really fun and big announcements to add to these. As if we don’t keep ourselves busy enough, we love criss-crossing the country with hotdogs and camera gear.

This is also worth 10-minutes of your time!

Tweet of the Week

From now on, I’m going to start adding my favorite tweet of the week. This week I nominate myself because I can and because JS7 clips are ridiculously awesome.

But coming in a close second are all the beautiful souls who decided to join me in a renaming spree of all the legendary tracks across the US. There are some great options in here. I wonder what HOA board we contact to start getting new signs made for all these places?

Slaw always says, “Be super lazy like me and type as little as possible” and I don’t feel like hearing that again for the 40th time this week, so I’m gonna call it quits.

But I will leave off with a RIP Ken Block. You were an inspiration to say the very least. Here’s two amazing tribute videos to him.

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