Morning Espresso: Robbie Maddison Is a Mad Man; Bogle Spitting Fire; Dogs on a Podium; I’m a Hired Bun and More

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Robbie Maddison Is a Mad Man

Robbie Maddison has done some insane stunts in his time. If you don’t know them, well, just hit the Toob and search for ole Rob Dog and you’ll be amazed.

This time, he teamed up with Razor for a world’s first and the biggest feat in Razor history. Robbie had this vision for the biggest stunt of his career, back flipping a Razor MX650 as many times as possible as he free falls through the sky. I N S A N E!

Justin Bogle Spitting Fire

No, no, doggies, not rapping. Although, Bogle does that pretty well. Bogle was recently on the Gypsy Tales podcast and had some great advice for not only moto, but life. Bogle is one of the best dudes in the pits, and if you ever listen to his interviews, he has a great perspective on things. Listen to the full interview wherever you listen to pods and stuff.

Dogs Back on the Podium at Fox Raceway, But the Wrong Dog

C’mon, J Coop… Let’s get some Slaw up there!

Just a Dude Casually Flying a Plane Through a Tunnel

Red Bull doing Red Bull things again. The energy drink giant teamed up with Italian pilot Dario Costa for a worlds first, as he clears Turkey’s dual Çatalca Tunnels in under 44 seconds!!!!!!

Hired Bun

YES, the rumors are true. I will be the HIRED BUN at the Vurb Classic at Nxt Lvl 101 on Oct 1-3. I can’t thank my sponsors enough for this: Twisted Tea, Oscar Mayer and FLY Racing. #neverspotgriding #workingharderthanever

Thanks For Your Continued Support of Vurb

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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