10 Takeaways From Mini O’s: Underdogs Shine, Kitchen Cooks, and More

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Check out full results from the week.

The year of the underdog. From Jayden Clough to Agustin Barreneche the 2020 edition of the Thor Mini Olympics featured quite a handful of good results from underdogs. Let’s take a look at a few we noticed over the week.

Jayden Clough made the jump to big bikes this fall and is making it look seamless—and I would say even right where he belonged. He rode the B Limited classes like he had done it 10x over. After a hard crash, where he rode off with a torn jersey and destroyed back during his 250 B Limited main, I assumed he was out for the day. Then 450 B Limited rolled around and he was on the line and got the start he needed. With Gage Linville and Brandon Ray trying to kill each other on the track, Jayden was able to capitalize on his consistent results and get the title when Linville was docked. 

Jayden Clough had a great week at Mini O’s.

Gage Linville made his mark on the B and Schoolboy classes as he finished outside the top three just once over eight total classes. He mixed up it, showed speed and fitness and plenty of steeze. His SX results were nothing short of impressive and his MX were damn remarkable as well.

Agustin Barreneche was a man on an 85cc mission all week. After sweeping his three 85cc SX classes he was looking to repeat in MX and just about did it. He was able to hold off Drew Adams for the 85cc 9-13 title and only lost to Thomas “Tiger” Wood in 85cc 12-13 Limited. His Mini Sr 1 and 2 results were nothing to hide either, grabbing third and fourth.

-Let’s talk 65’s for a second. Carson Wood was clicking off some really solid results in the 65cc 7-11 and 10-11 Limited classes grabbing two titles in MX and a couple of solid 4th’s in SX. His Mod class didn’t go as planned but hey, that’s moto. The kid had tons of style and the speed to back it.

Now let’s hit on some of the talking points at the beginning of the week and see how things actually shook out.

-The B classes did not disappoint one single bit all week. Gage Linville breaking out, Nick Romano finally securing a major title for the first time since Loretta’s 2019—let alone three—, Talon Hawkins and Gavin Towers making it known they are here to throw down with the best of them… the B class was full of cool storylines.

-85 9-11 Limited and Mod was the Drew Adams(ish) show. In the Mod class, Adams went down off the start dropping into the gatorpit and would get up in last. He would go on and charge up to fourth in only five laps. That was good enough to land him third overall behind Seth Dennis and Decon Denno who were hauling ass all weekend long, as well! Adams would check out in the Limited class and grab the title.

-Schoolboy 2 featured a heavy top 5. Talon Hawkins, Daxton Bennick, Nick Romano, Brandon Ray, Gavin Towers and Gage Linville were all looking to lay claim to it. Romano would be the victor but the battles behind here were good! Hawkins was a low-key standout all week and showed it once again by getting on the box in MX Schoolboy 2. Towers showed some crazy speed at times, but the cards didn’t fall his way and would see him hitting the ground a couple times. He is ok, a bit banged up, but overall is positive on how the week went and looks to build on it.

Nick Romano celebrates one of his three titles.

-Schoolboy 1 belonged to Evan Ferry. There isn’t much more to say, honestly. Ferry swept both Schoolboy 1 and 125 B/C in MX and SX and looked mighty comfy doing so. The story of the class happened behind him. In SX it was Haiden Deegan making his 125cc debut and getting second overall with Bryce Shelly and Logan Best in tow. In MX it was Logan Best riding his ass off for a second place and Brock Walker rounding out the podium. Shelly would back up his SX ride with second in moto 2 but his sixth in moto one kept him off the box overall.

-All eyes were on the Women class all weekend and with names like Jazzmyn Canfield, Tayler Allred, Jordan Jarvis, Katie Benson and Ignacia Riveros it was bound to be good. Jarvis was class of the field all week taking the title is MX and SX. Tayler Allred didn’t let it come easy pressuring Jarvis all week. Velentina Galaz would grab the third spot in SX. Canfield only raced MX and showed some insane speed in moto 1 giving Jarvis everything she could handle early but would fade to third. Moto 2 would see her settle in third and ride her race.

-Finally the Pro Sport classes. Levi Kitchen let it be known he is a force to be reckoned with, sweeping SX and sharing titles with Nate Thrasher in MX. It didn’t come easy for him. The rest of the group pressured him early all week long but Kitchen would always find a way to just slowly check out. Cullin Park put in some good results all week until disaster struck in 450 Pro Sport which would keep him off of the podium overall. Matt LeBlanc’s week was a tale of two sides. He was either blazing fast or would find himself on the ground, then go blazing fast to catch up and salvage his week. It be like that sometimes.

Other bits:

Casey Cochran has found his swag and is going to be giving Janik and Deegan everything they can handle. It will be fun to watch this trio grow up.

-Mini O’s is as advertised.

-After my brush with a flying dirt bike I have realized sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Until next time.

Written by Jeff Simpson

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