Monday Espresso: Champions Crowned at Mini O’s

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Check out full results from the week.

Holy smokes we made it! Eight straight days of racing has finally concluded here at the 49th annual Thor Mini Olympics at Gatorback Cycle Park. Sunday was full of heart breaks, fulfilled dreams and everything in-between. I will say, just about everyone looked gassed by the time Sunday rolled around, especially the mini cycle kids. The week turned into a war of attrition and only the strongest would bring home a MX title.

-The day started off with what we hoped would be the race of the day with Supermini 1 and it did not disappoint. The moment we’ve been waiting for since SX concluded. Haiden Deegan pulled up on Casey Cochran and stalked him for a little bit then punted him off of the track and took off for the win and the title. The same situation happened in SX, but the roles were reversed. Cochran was a good sport about it, giving Deegan a thumbs up on the podium after losing the overall. Cochran finished second overall and Krystian Janik brought home third overall.

Great battles all week between these two.

-85cc (9-13) would be another barn burner of a race with Drew Adams, Agustin Barreneche, Seth Dennis, Tiger Wood, Landon Gibson and Landin Pepperd. The battle at the front was intense the entire moto as Barreneche would hold off Adams to take the overall. The kid was beyond psyched on the podium. Dennis would round out the podium.

-Schoolboy 2 was the Nick Romano show as he checked out early leaving Gage Linville, Talon Hawkins, Brandon Ray and Daxton Bennick to duke it out for the remaining spots. They would finish in that order with little action. Everyone settled in and just rode their own races.

Nick Romano won the Schoolboy 2 title.

-The first A moto of the day would belong to Nate Thrasher wire to wire. Matthew Leblanc went down early in the back part of the track and would charge up to 14th. Cullin Park and Cristian Fernandez were left to chase Thrasher and would finish in that order for the race and the overall.

-450 B limited would see some controversy. Gage Linville, Brandon Ray, Jayden Clough and Mitchell Zaremba were all up front early with Linville leading. Then Ray turned on the jets to catch Linville. I was on the opposite side of the track but from the sounds of it Ray and Linville came together HARD, possibly a couple times that would result in Linville getting docked and Ray going down and getting a ninth. That would open the door for Clough to take the overall. Clough had gone down very hard in an earlier moto that left him extremely beat up but was in full send mode and did what he needed to do to put himself in the right spot.

Clough celebrating this 450 B title.

-85cc (9-11) started off with Drew Adams going down off the start as they dropped into the gatorpit. He rebounded and put in the ride of a lifetime to come back to fourth to secure a third overall. Certainly not what he wanted but considering how it could of turned out I think he will take it. Deacon Denno would grab the holeshot with Seth Dennis and Landon Gibson in tow. Dennis would get around him and check out for the win and the overall. Denno would end up second overall and Adams taking the third spot.

-250 A moto 2 would see Nate Thrasher, Levi Kitchen, and Cullin Park checking out early and finishing in that order. Slade Smith had a good ride for fourth and Jack “Ill scrub the sh*t out of everything” Chambers would round out the top five.

Evan Ferry would be the king of 125 B/C and Schoolboy 1 on the day, going 1-1 in both classes. Logan Best was on rails as well bringing home a second overall in Schoolboy 1 with Brock Walker third. Bryce Shelly and Luke Geis rounded out the 125 B/C podium.

-450 Pro Sport would see disaster off the start with two favorites in Cullin Park and Matthew Leblanc going down. Park would get up but didn’t finish the moto unfortunately. Leblanc would remount to get fourth and grab second overall. Kaeden Amerine was flying all week and it showed with a third overall. Up front, it was more of Levi Kitchen, as he grabbed another title on the week.

-Girls (11-16) belonged to Kayleigh Stallings who took the win and the overall with 2-1 scores to Katie Benson’s 1-2 scores. Anyssia Ingersoll would go 3-3 for the remaining podium spot. This was a heck of a class to watch. These girls absolutely rip! Stallings would grab a seventh overall in the Women’s class as well.

When it was all said and done, there were riders on track from sunup to sundown for eight straight days. Talk about a marathon of a week. This being my first Mini O’s I didn’t really know what to expect and holy crap it did not disappoint one bit. Be on the lookout tomorrow for my top five takeaways from the week that was. Time to close this laptop and finish out this drive. Safe travels back home, everyone!


  1. You call yourselves a moto media company but post a picture of Hawkins and say it’s Ferry?! Get yo s#@& together vurb even BROtocross wouldn’t make that mistake ????

  2. hey, jerry, sometimes you drink too many claws and ain’t seeing straight the next day. happens, doggie. and yes, broto would def make this mistake.

Written by Jeff Simpson

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