Morning Espresso: Awesome Webb Quote; Malcolm Explains His Side; Marv Update and More

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We already posted 5 Things We Learned from Arlington 1, but man, there is so much to talk about that we needed to do more. 

Welcome to Morning Espresso from Arlington 1. Let’s dive in a bit. 

Webb Don’t Care

We all know Cooper loves to play mind games with his opponents. He’s been doing it for, well, ever (probably). Slaw ain’t here to rehash the Webb/Roczen stuff from Daytona. WE ALL know about that. With that said, Webb was asked about the hype around it on social media this week, etc, and well, his response is classic. 

“It gets me going. It was a good week for that. We made the most of it. The times with Instagram and everything we kind of able to see a bunch. It creates a good story for sure. I love it and I feed off it.”

Malcolm Explains His Side

I haven’t seen this Jason Anderson for a long time. You know, the one that just barrels his way through the field, giving zero Fs about anyone but moving forward. Well, it was back in Arlington and Malcolm Stewart was one of his victims. Soon after his incident with Anderson, Malcolm tried to fire back and it did not go well.

Slaw ain’t here to Monday Morning Quarterback this stuff, but here is what Malcolm had to say about the incident post-race:

“All day was great. The Main Event was going good but (Jason) Anderson just got into me. It wasn’t a big deal. I was just going to square him up, but when I went to square him up, my tire hooked up, and I went straight into the guy. That wasn’t my intention at all. It wasn’t the night we were looking for, but I’m just glad I didn’t get hurt when I hit the concrete because I went flying. It’s nice having these three races because we can quickly regroup and come back out for more.”

Marvin Update

Marvin Musquin went down hard in his heat race and wasn’t able to line up for the LCQ. According to a post on his Instagram story, he hit neutral on an on/off and went over the bars. He said he sustained a concussion and got a few stitches in his arm and that his body is really sore. His status for Arlington 2 tomorrow is still up in the air. 

Cameras didn’t catch the crash, but Lewis Phillips of MX Vice posted a clip of the crash and oh boy, it’s pretty gnarly.

Axell, Seven Part Ways

This is kind of surprising news. Axell Hodges is parting ways with Seven, his longtime gear sponsor. 

Maybe a No Fear comeback? Kidding, you silly doggies. Either way, someone is about to open their checkbook for Slay.

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