Mega Gallery From Monday at the 2021 Mini O’s

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We finally got through all the heats and LCQ’s of the Supercross portion of the 2021 Thor Mini O’s on Monday and got into crowning some champions. Check out this mega gallery from @BlakeKeith_ from Monday at Gatorback.

Written by Blake Keith

Hailing all the way from Somerset, Kentucky, Blake became engrained in the vurb crew because he came and crushed 14 White Claws, in one sitting, with Wes at Millcreek. After that, we realized his photos were really, really good.... so we decided to make him a video guy? Genius on our part. Blake is currently heading up our Maroon Program. He's Red Program in video, but black belt in photo, so we're pretty sure you get maroon when you mix the two. But we probably should've asked Jeeves to make sure.
The best thing about Blake is he accepts payment in beard oil.
Check out Blake at @BlakeKeith_.

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