Meet Some Loretta’s Supermini Standouts

With the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta’s fast approaching, Monster Army dropped their first episode of Road to Loretta’s featuring brothers Reven and Landen Gordon. Our goal here is to help reintroduce the world to the players of the amateur ranks… so here you are.

This year, the Road to Loretta’s has certainly been bumper than usual, but the brothers from California will still be making the long journey to the Ranch. Landen, 13, won the 65cc 10-11 Limited Championship at Loretta’s last year, and won the 85cc 10-12 Limited and Mini Sr 1 12-14 classes at his Super Regional this year at Fox Raceway (he finished second in 85 10-12). 

Reven, 15, won the Supermini 2 13-16 class at his Super Regional at Fox Raceway, but finished 12th (Schoolboy 12-17 B/C) and 14th (Supermini 1 12-15) in his other two classes. 

The brothers recently headed to Paso Robles to train and prep via social distancing for their trip to the Ranch. Get to know the Gordon brothers in this first episode. 


Written by Slaw Dog

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