Let’s Remember the Only Time Ken Roczen Raced Loretta Lynn’s

Did you know Ken Roczen raced Loretta Lynn’s once? Did you know Vurb documented it? If you answered no, we are no longer friends. If you answered yes, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

K Roc was a freaking superstar from like birth I’m pretty sure. So in 2008 at just 14 years old, he made his one and only trip to the Ranch and yes, we documented it. Ken was still speaking German a lot so we somehow got it translated and this was BEFORE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. HOW DID WE DO THIS? I DON’T REMEMBER. Maybe VurbWes can comment on it.

Anyway, K Roc didn’t have the best week as it was a HUGE transition coming over from Europe. He finished 9th and 10th overall respectively in MX Lites B Stock and Mod. A guy named Justin Barcia (probably heard of him) won MX Lites B Stock, while Travis Baker won MX Lites B Mod.

Well, three years later, Roczen became the youngest rider ever to win the MX2 World Championship (at 17), which produced my favorite moto video ever by Mike Neale.

Well, there it is. A trip down memory lane with Slaw.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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