Ken Roczen Peed in a Cup, Per His Agent

I guess this is a story now?

Earlier this week, Whiskey Throttle Media posted on Instagram that Ken Roczen refused to take an anti-doping test following the final round of the World Supercross Championship in Australia. 

“We’ve also been told that the KTM group had @kenroczen94 in their sights, but have moved on to other prospects after his refusal to submit to drug testing after the final round of WSX,” the post read.

“The big question is – why refuse to testing? If true, this leaves Ken with no options under a factory tent – does he ride the @hepmotorsports Suzuki or stay on his @hondaracing_moto ride he found success on for WSX?”

Remember, the World Supercross Championship is sanctioned by the FIM, which means our friends at WADA control testing. 


Anyway, The Weege over at Racer X reached out to Roczen’s agent, Steve Astephen, who said the report is false.

“Ken eventually took the test, of course we were gonna’ [take the test], we’re not going to take a ten-year suspension (Astephen and Roczen were told if they do not test, the athlete could face a suspension of up to 10 years). I’m familiar with how WADA works, I work with Olympic athletes. At Wales, there’s no FIM meeting and no explanation that the FIM is involved. Now I have to admit this: it’s on all the riders and their agents to assume—and yes that’s how you make an ass out of you and me—to assume is that when I get a rider paid, well over a half-million dollars to race races like this, including Paris, that’s a demonstration. We didn’t get purse money, just so you know.”

So, yes, apparently Ken peed in a cup. 

Read the entire interview with Astephen over at Racer X.  

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