JR Reyes Injury Update Following Indianapolis Supercross [Updated]

Update: Thursday, March 16

JR has released another update and things seem to be improving. Check it out in full below.

“UPDATE…hey guys hope everyone is doing well, here’s an update I’m still in ICU making steady improvements an going down the right path thank god. Im coming here to share how grateful I am for all you guys actually worried about my health and I want to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you…on the other side, one thing about me I’ve never been the type to want to make people feel bad and drag out a bad situation, that’s just not me.. all you guys have heard the same BS over and over again lol I’m sure you guys know it, and you guys deserve the truth, we know what we line up for at a professional level, we know we risk our lives every time we get on that gate and compete at that level, it takes a lot and that’s why we’ve gone through so much for moments like this.. Unfortunately my SX season is over and we will work on finding out more news soon, again you’ve guys truly have been amazing to me with all your support and it’s incomparable so I thank you guys for that I will continue to surprise all of you guys with cool clips soon!!🙌🏼🙏🏼 #JR552 (thanks to whoever shared this vid with me)

I do want to give a big thanks to all
The MVP’s In this situation

& all my supporters
Out there
Thank you guys❤️


Original Post

Privateer JR Reyes has released an update on his condition following a scary incident in the second 250SX East Region heat race in Indianapolis on Saturday night.

In the second heat race, Reyes went over the bars and the race was red flagged while he was being attended to by the Alpinstars Medical Unit. 

According to the TV broadcast, Reyes was transported to the hospital that night. 

Yesterday, he released an update which you can read below. 

“What an eventful night at Indy. Update I had a grade 5 liver laceration, fractured shoulder and an Concussion. Had surgery Saturday night upon arrival for internal bleeding, Still being monitored to ensure no more internal bleeding.

“Started off the night at Indy with some news I did not want to hear that being said I fractured my ankle at Daytona during my heat race and I had no idea I was just icing it all week. We wrapped it up and did what we could unfortunately the first heat race went straight over the bars ended my night with some bigger problems.. it’s part of it we’ll be back and stronger for when we get released. I’m more heartbroken on how irrelevant you are for the sport as a privateer in a situation like this. Thank you to the fans and everyone who did reached out and making sure I’m okay! I will post more as my recovery progress!”

We’re hoping for the best for JR and will continue to update as we know more. 

Main image: JR Reyes/Instagram


  1. You privateers aren’t irrelevant to the masses. Unfortunately just to Feld and AMA. Hope your recovery is smooth and quick.

  2. That was scary and painful to see we was seated right there in sec136. Never seen a rider go down and not move a flinch for amount of time or myself when I raced. Hope he has good and smooth recovery and gets back on the sattle!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. Sad story but truth be told, they never miss you until you’re gone, they only love you while you are here. That’s life man, keep you’re head high and use it a fuel to come back stronger!

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