A View from a Fan’s Perspective at Indy Supercross

Slaw Note: Ginger Dog, the much, much, much, SO MUCH, better half of Troy Dog traveled to Indy to make sure Troy made it there. We all know he couldn’t do it all by himself. Ginger Dog then sent in a report that is 10000 times better than anything Troy has ever written. Troy has now been fired. Ginger is in.

Territory runs deep for me and the Indy 317 holds as much importance as the Nati 513. It was my first SX race experience back in 2011 and I’ll never forget watching Ryan Sipes jump the finish in the 250 class and at that moment I fell in love with the sport.

I haven’t missed a year since then except in 2020 when it was axed due to the VID. Nostalgia was high and I can honestly say walking the pits this year was surreal. It was a solid 40ish degrees and the people of the north were acting as if it were summer. The turn out was insane and it might have been the most packed I’ve seen it in years. I watched practice alone with the people of Indy. The turn before the triple looked slimy but overall Indy isn’t built for the weak. Pretty sure I could bury myself in any of the ruts. At one point during practice I swear I saw a Dig Dug take a chainsaw to the jump before the finish. Transponder line? 

Dustin Pipes and the entire team at HEP were incredible. There was no dirty pool for T-Dog to jump into, but that was okay. The celebration of Kenny taking the dub was everything we all wanted (I may have teared up) but that also might have been because my eyes can’t handle 10+ hours of glorious fuel fumes. I keep thinking about how I love the emotion after a win like that. It gives me chills just to think about because that is why I watch it all. I love seeing a guy pound the bike at the end because he did it. Proud of you Kenny. 

Overall, the squad was so solid and I legitimately love these dudes. Grant Harlan pulled an 18th (he’ll say he could do better/never good enough) but technicality, time, and stamina is his thing. Around the 10-15 minute mark he comes out to play. He watches and waits and I love that. He’s a rider where he’s looking in every direction and is planning his next move in his current move and it shows. Wrap your head around that one. 

Justin Starling took a 17th and I know he’ll say he had a rough one but he’s so consistent it’s insane. His program is impressive and he’s easy to watch. Kinda sad I didn’t get to meet Nicole but I’ll see y’all in July! Lastly, Star Dog, welcome to the Dirty 30 Club! 

I ended the night walking back to the hotel alone because I couldn’t miss the insane “REDBUD” screams in the tunnel (T-Dog was in the press conference). If you know you know. Indy is wild and it’s one of those races where anything can happen. 

See honorable mentions because this sport has the BEST people. 

Jamie Guida aka Finish Side – You know why 

Dustin Pipes – 10 year glow up award. The real CEO. 

Wes Williams – GoPro wizard 

Chris Harlan – Reds fan aka the best mechanic and coolest dad award 

Chase Lennemann – Amazing. This guy right here, ind him and he’ll help. VIP award 

Me – See me in power ranks 

-Ginger, out! 

Main image: DNC Photos

Written by Ginger Dog

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