Casting Call: Do You Want to be Featured in ALL IN?

vurbmoto is getting ready to start production on it’s first-ever reality TV show and we want to make YOU the next Kim Kardashian. Okay, okay, we are kidding. Kind of. I don’t even know who Kim Kardashian is, I just hear her name all of the time so I wanted to feel cool. Am I cool now?

Anyway, if you haven’t already heard or saw the news, this Wednesday (July 21), we will be releasing the first part of our two part docu-series entitled, ALL IN. ALL IN is a vurbmoto original docu-series, taking a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to reach the levels of factory amateur stardom, as well as the pitfalls that sometimes occur when riding for the premiere amateur teams. We are bringing ALL IN to the 2021 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship in Hurricane Mills, TN, and we want to feature you and your family in this next installment. Seriously.

Our official poster for the two-part vurbmoto docu-series, ALL IN, that will go live on Wednesday. This could be you as we prepare production for season two at The Ranch next month.

Here’s the deal, we all know who the top tier amateur kids are, who they ride for, and that most certainly The Ranch is just part of their process to then move onto the professional circuit as a factory racer. However, we believe there is a whole other side of the coin that we want to explore. Sure, the factory amateur kids are “ALL IN,” but what about the families and kids that won’t ever see Ryan Holliday from Team Green Kawasaki offering them an amateur contract? What about the families and kids that literally have a single goal and that goal is simple: we just want to make it to Loretta’s. For many, Loretta’s isn’t about trying to win a championship and/or earn a ride. For most, it’s about accomplishing the goal of making it onto such hollowed grounds. The sacrifice this sport takes comes in all shapes, sizes, and speeds. And, that is who we want to focus on at Loretta’s.

A colored frame from ALL IN. We shot this first installment at the 2021 JS7 Spring National at Freestone County Raceway in Wortham, TX. And, now, we are heading to Tennessee for our next installment of ALL IN.

So. This is our offer to you: if you believe you and your family fit the aforementioned criteria in that you are not a factory amateur racer, you are not expecting to earn a factory amateur contract, you and your family are funding this experience out of your own wallet; we want to feature you in the next season of ALL IN releasing post-Loretta’s. Send ArtDog an e-mail to [email protected] and, in no more than 500 words (because that’s what Slaw Dog limited me to here), tell me your story: why you and your family have gone ALL IN to make it to The Ranch, the sacrifices you’ve made to make this dream a reality, the class (or classes you are racing), is this your first time at The Ranch, what it would mean to you to share your story to the world, and what separates you from others.

Based on this, ArtDog (me) and the vurbmoto crew will select one of you to be featured in ALL IN. Deadline to enter is Friday, July 23.

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  1. You guys REALLY need to look into Shawn Schultz he was team green in 94 and 95 and took a 15 year hiatus from motorcross, this year was his first year back on a dirt bike since then and he ended up qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s! It would be AWESOME to do an interview with that dude! He’s racing the 45+ class. He’s become an absolute monster in the last year!

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