Introducing Winners Take Ya’ll, a New Podcast Hosted by Kevin Kelly

So this is where I tell you why or what this new show of ours is. Well the name Winners Take Y’all is a play on words much like my original show The Dead Motocrosser’s Society was. 

First things first, DMXS is still here and I look forward to actually doing more shows with my long time friend and co-host David Izer. The 74 mile, one way, trip to his home studio was a bit tough so I now have a studio of my own to do stupid things like this show. 

So I enlisted the services of two great story tellers Nick Blackmon and Jarrod Harris. Both guys have long histories in our sport in weird unique ways. Nick, among many things, played the role as Batman at Six Flags back in the day where he would wear the suit, jump and wheelie dirtbikes for a check. Jarrod was a legit BMX bad ass as well as a motocross wannabe and spent over 10 years on the road as a stand up comedian. So that alone is enough to qualify them to talk about dirtbikes and whatever else we dive into.

The show itself is dumb. We are dumb. We say dumb things and it makes us laugh so we are going to share those dumb things with you. We have fake guests, a sketch comedy here and there and some actual motocross royalty sprinkled in like our first guest ever Timmy Ferry. 

Timmy was my first guest on DMXS Radio over 21 years ago (before we even knew what to call a podcast) so it only made sense to have him on as our first guest….again. So if you’re looking for in depth, technical, all knowing moto talk, this aint it. We are dumb and we look to fill the void for all of you dumb asses looking for a laugh. Oh and some of our stuff sucks and that’s ok, we are gonna try stuff, bring characters in and out and see what sticks. We look forward to this impending shit show and so should you!

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  1. Since we can’t have LL’s every week or get the boy a full time helicopter pilot to commute to Izers, this will have to do.
    I sincerely hope that this is insincere and seriously not serious.

Written by Kevin Kelly

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