Injuries Have Already Decimated The 250SX East Region

Entering the 250SX East Region season opener in Minneapolis, talks swirled around how deep the field was. It wasn’t just grandstanding either. It was loaded with a mix of veterans and young guns. 

Consider this: at the season opener, eight (!!!) single digit riders failed to qualify for the main event. That’s pretty loaded. 

Well, two rounds later and we’ve already seen a number of top riders sidelined with injury. 

20221 250SX West Region Champion Justin Cooper didn’t even make it to the opening round, sustaining a broken foot before the opener. Then we lost rookie Jett Reynolds at PRESS DAY for the season opener with a broken wrist. 

Max Vohalnd suffered a massive hematoma to the right shoulder and a couple of small cracks in his clavicle at the opener. He should return for Detroit or Indianapolis. 

Last weekend in Arlington, Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha rookie Levi Kitchen sustained a small fracture on the top of his tibia and a broken kneecap. To make matters worse, his teammate Jeremy Martin crashed this week and sustained a shoulder injury. Rumors are that he will need surgery. 

Let’s not forget, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner sustained a broken collarbone in the third race at Saturday’s Triple Crown event in Arlington in a crash with Jett Lawrence. His supercross season is probably over.

Ugh! My hopes for this region have aged so badly. Hopefully Jett and Cameron stay healthy or this is going to get real boring, real quick. 

Main image: Kawasaki

Written by Slaw Dog

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