Jeremy Martin and Jett Reynolds Ruled Out for Arlington

Well, that headline was tough to write, especially after Detroit when both Jeremy Martin and Jett Reynolds were expected to be okay to race in Arlington.

The Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX team announced on Wednesday evening that Martin will miss Arlington due to some lingering concussion symptoms from his crash in Detroit. The team hopes that he will be back on the gate for Daytona next weekend.

Here is the official word on JMart from team manager Mike Bonacci:

“Jeremy had a hard crash in Detroit and while training this week has showed some lingering signs from his concussion. His scans were all clear and being the competitor he is, was trying his best to get back on the track to compete in Arlington. After training concluded today, the determination was made to wait one more week for precautionary measures. Concussions are a serious concern for any of our riders and it just makes sense to make good decisions about how and when to move forward. The new plan is to line up in Daytona.”

Then we have Jett Reynolds, who simply must have the darkest injury cloud above him. He has only been able to race four races in his professional career thus far. He’s going to be sitting out longer now with an injured shoulder that will require surgery.

Here is the team statement on Jett:

“Jett recovered quickly from his AC separation in Detroit and was back on the bike relatively early. He has been active and training consistently all the way through today. Unfortunately, in the last session of the day he crashed pretty hard, reinjuring his shoulder bad enough to require some surgery. This kid cannot catch a break but we will stick with him. He obviously has the skill and desire to perform at the highest level, now we just have to prove it. Wish him well on a speedy recovery.”

At this point you just have to feel for the kid. All of us at Vurb wish Reynolds the best of luck in his recovery.

The Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX team will have Coty Schock as their lone rider in Arlington, who is fresh off of a career best fourth place finish in the Detroit opener.

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Written by Troy Dog

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