Troy Dog’s Shack: Good Guy A-Mart

Some BIG developments occurred at the Arlington Supercross. Alex Martin, aka Troll Train, aka A-Mart, Mr.Troll Trainer himself was pictured HOLDING a T-Dog pineapple dog sticker. We can all thank my ELITE amateur (mostly pro guy now) Ashton Bloxom for all of this. I think Ash Doggy did some Troll Training and now is pretty good buddies with the Troll. Say Troll again T-Dog…Troll.

It seems like since we all launched the T-Dog Squad that it’s been slowly taking over everyone in the pits. Have you ever seen the movie The Fog? It’s about ghost pirates that only travel within the fog and if you’re overtaken by them then you just are never seen again. It’s kind of like that except we aren’t ghost pirates and YOU WILL be seen all over if you’re selected as a team member. 

Anyway, back to A-Mart. I personally think that in the second half of this season he will get some top tens. He’s starting to find his stride in his first season of 450SX. Of course he had some ups and downs to start the season, but most of those guys in that class have (I mean look at Ken Roczen). A-Mart finished a career best 14th at his home race in Minneapolis and found his way back into 14th during the third Triple Crown race for 16th overall in Arlington. He’s creeping up the results page at the right time. For a 32-year-old 450SX rookie I knew he’d be good, but the potential is there for greatness by season’s end and I’m here for it. 

The Muc-Off/ClubMX Yamaha team looks like one of the best teams to ride for in the pits. Like Star Racing, they have fifty eleven riders and a good setup when it comes to personalities around the truck. Plus they have Phil Nicoletti, and you never know what you’re going to get out of Phil. Also, those Blu Cru’s rip and the look of the team is one of the best in the pits, in my opinion. 

I was telling my three-year-old son, Bub Dog about A-Mart’s career and how good that he was doing this season. Well, yesterday Bub Dog took it upon himself to “go to work” and write some thoughts on the Minnesotan. Take it away, Bub!

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I couldn’t have said it any better myself, excellent work Bub Doggy! We will get you a weekly column on the site in no time! You’re the man!

I’m not writing about A-Mart here to recruit him for our squad this year, however I do think it’s cool that he’s somewhat aware of what we are doing. The brand has been well received and we want to keep it growing. So thank you A-Mart for taking notice of our squad and send me your resume so that I can possibly consider you for a spot on it for next season! 

Written by Troy Dog

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