Didier Goirand Jean performing during the project Red Bull Riding a Legend at Volcan Paricutin, Mexico on January 15, 2021. // Andres Valencia Zambrano / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202103280008 // Usage for editorial use only //

Hot Take: Riding a Dirtbike on a Volcano Is Insanely Crazy and Awesome

Hot take, riding a dirtbike on a volcano seems like the dumbest, yet coolest thing Slaw can think of. I mean, I struggle riding through a few trees, rather less a fing volcano.

Apparently no one told this to Didier Goirand as he traveled to Michoacán, Mexico to one of the most impressive landscapes in the region in a quest to revive the legend of the Paricutín volcano. Again, to ride a dirtbike on said volcano.

More from Red Bull, which produced this amazingness:

Paricutín is the youngest volcano in the world after appearing in 1943 which left two villages completely buried. Didier took an action-packed tour over the petrified lava rock formations in San Juan Viejo. In this Enduro motorbike project Didier had to face rocky terrain never before traveled on a motorcycle. Will he be able to become the first person to successfully climb and descend the volcano on a motorcycle? This is Riding a Legend.

This is a hard pass for Slaw, but cool on you, Didier.

Main image: Andres Valencia Zambrano / Red Bull Content Pool

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