How to Hit a Quarterpipe with Tyler Bereman and Ryan Sipes

Film/Text: Red Bull Motorsports

Is there anything Ryan Sipes can’t do? In this episode of Throttle Therapy, Sipes goes from riding Hard Enduro to riding freeride motocross with Tyler Bereman @ TB’s private stomping grounds in California for a day of quarter pipe flights. TB makes a few adjustments to his quarter pipe setup, and talks physics with Sipes before the two take on the QP @ Chocolate Mountain. If you missed last year’s Red Bull Imagination, the QP was the one thing left on Sipes’ list to hit and this freeride session comes just in time just to make sure Sipes is ready for the freeride motocross event of the year: Red Bull Imagination. Stay tuned for Red Bull Imagination Season 2 dropping on September 4th.

Written by Slaw Dog

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