Competitors perform during Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu, Romania on October 31, 2020. // Attila Szabo / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202010310518 // Usage for editorial use only //

Bird Ain’t Bout That Slam Life

We’re approaching silly season, the outdoor natty’s are in full effect and, as the only website truly dedicated to spending their life at dusty amateur dirtbike races, the mother of them all is upon us, Loretta Lynn’s. And while all that’s going on, Bird Dog is over here thinking how much I ain’t bout that Enduro life.

I was sitting down to take a piss this weekend (don’t judge it unless you’ve tried it, btw) and low and behold this mash up from @endurolifecom popped into my feed. As my three-year-old viciously banged on the bathroom door, I continued to ignore her in my effort to figure out how f’ing gnarly the Red Bull Romaniacs event is, as is evident by their 2018 throwback vid.

Like cattle, dudes are just lining up atop a wooden platform no wider than their bike and, with full understanding that they are about to break their damn neck, launching it. Endowing sucks. Endowing with a 400 lb bike following close behind is downright terrifying.

This little gem got them over 450k views on IG and 375k of them were mine as I managed to take the longest sit down pee in man history. Give these dudes a follow and don’t ever think about judging me for sitting down to take a piss.

Main image: Red Bull Content Pool

Written by Bird Dog

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