Amateur Supercross Is Coming to Budds Creek

I may be a bit biased on this take, but Budds Creek is one of the best stops on the Pro Motocross schedule. The track is awesome, the racing is good, and there is always a huge crowd. What more could you ask for?

How about Amateur Supercross the night before the National?

After 15 years, Ezra Beasley and the Budds Creek crew are bringing back Amateur Supercross Friday night August 18th before the race on Saturday.

This event was just announced in the last few days so I do not have all the details just yet, but there will be classes for dirt bikes, STACYCs and Sur-Rons. The track is being built and designed by Ryan Smith of Lake Sugar Tree so expect a fun and challenging course.

Stay tuned to the Budds Creek Facebook for more details in the coming weeks. This should be one hell of a good time.

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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