Ghost Hunting with Chris Alldredge | vurbmoto Unseen

It was 2012, and a young Chris Alldredge was one of the top tier, up-and-coming amateur kids coming up through the ranks. Armed with a blue bike before blue bikes were cool (*cough* Star Racing/Yamaha *cough*), and a jersey flapping in the wind just like the Team Fried guy on the green bike, Smalls, as he was called, was a dominating the B class. In the summer of 2012, Art Dog spent roughly almost an entire year (not really) shooting the jokingly called, Chris Alldredge Lifetime Original Biography, which was actually the vurbmoto Original called Surrender ft Chris Alldredge. 

A lot was shot and a lot was left on the cutting room floor. So, sit back and watch Smalls go ghost hunting at Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA while ripping the local SoCal tracks. We aren’t too sure where Smalls is at today, but wherever he is, we hope the kid is doing well and that this brings a smile to the face of the former phenom. 

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