There Is a New Series About Motocross Now Streaming on Netflix

Whoa, doggies! Last night I was flicking through the ole Netflix and stumbled upon a NEW show about motocross. Yes, that is right, WE, have a new show. No, not Vurb… yet!

I’m going to shoot you straight here: I made it about five minutes into episode 1 before I feel asleep so THIS IS NOT A REVIEW! Maybe I’ll have Art Dog review it. Sure he’d be stoked!

What I can tell you is Netflix, the biggest streaming giant in the land, just dropped a new show about motocross called, MaveriX (extreme, huh?).

For what I can gather and what Jeeves has told me, the show is Australian and is it’s about “Six young motocross riders come together to form a team, to make the national titles, or crash out trying. But the biggest win of all might be the friends they make for life.”

Will it be good? Recent history says ehh…

Will I binge watch it? Hell yes!

Am I excited to have a show about dirtbikes on the Flix? Hell yes!

Below is the trailer. Find it on Netflix.

Main image: Screenshot

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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