FXR/Chaparral Honda Closing Its Doors After Pro Motocross

On Friday, Racer X’s Steve Matthes reported that the Michael Lindsay owned FXR/Chaparral Honda team would be shutting down following the final round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. 

Unfortunately, those rumors were confirmed on Saturday at the Fox Raceway 2 National. 

Coty Schock, who’s had a breakout 2021 campaign in the 450 Class in Pro Motocross, commented on the broadcast about the closure. 

“I’m honestly trying to find a job for next year,” he said. “I was just told that this is no longer for next year, so I’m trying to decide if I want to do 250 or 450 for next year. We’ve got a lot to figure out, but I would like to be in the 250 Class for next year and just prove myself.”

Schock, who finished the 250SX West Region in ninth and has reeled off four consecutive top 10 finishes in Pro Motocross, including a sixth at Ironman and seventh at Fox Raceway 2, currently sits 13th in 450 points. 

On Instagram following the race, 250 rider Carson Mumford also confirmed that he’s looking for a job for next year. 

“Unfortunately not the day I was looking for yesterday. Struggled both motos super bad with bike set up and crashing first moto in the first turn didn’t make it easy. Lucky for me I have the best mechanic and we’ll get it figured out for next weekend! Another bummer that just added to all that is I found out earlier this week that the team is coming to an end after next weekend. It sucks to be put in a similar situation as last year, thinking everything is good to go for next year and out of no where you have to change plans and find a new path in a short amount of time. That’s life, we live an we learn💪🏻 13-13 on the day🤙🏻”

Teams shutting down sucks for everyone, especially when the team has been experiencing a lot of success in just its second year. 

Hopefully Schock and Mumford find a landing spot for 2022. 

Main image: Octopi Media

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