Here Is an Amazing Stat About 450 Supercross Podiums

While watching the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I was cruising the Twitter and came across an interesting stat that I needed to share with everyone.

Friend of Vurb, Rupert X, proposed the following question yesterday:

Clinton Folwer, the God of stats in this sport, said it’s only happened twice since Cooper Webb joined KTM.

Clinton obviously meant Oakland 2022, as there wasn’t a race in Oakland in 2021.

I trust Clinton on any stat-based stuff, but it was also confirmed by Racer X’s Mitch Kendra:


The Salt Lake City 7 podium in 2020 was a Husky sweep with Zach Osborne, Jason Anderson, and Dean Wilson.

This past weekend was Anderson, Aaron Plessinger and Justin Barcia.

Is Mr. Fried a podium killer? Appears so.

Main image: Feld Entertainment

Written by Slaw Dog

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