East Coast vs West Coast: We Have a Change to the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Schedule

We have another change to the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross schedule.

In the initial 17-round schedule announcement earlier this week, the 250SX West Region was set to run the first seven rounds, before taking time off and returning at rounds 16 and 17 (East/West Showdown).

That has now changed.

Feld announced today that the official East/West schedule will flip-flop with the East Region now running the first seven rounds then returning for rounds 16-17.

There is a reason behind the move. The INITIAL schedule, before Glendale was removed, had the East Region running first. So, regional based 250 teams made plans for that. Then, when Glendale was replaced with Orlando and the full schedule was announced and the coasts flip-flopped, those teams were not happy, according to our doggie sources.

So, Feld did the right thing and changed them back. Good on them.

Daytona is a “West” round this year, but does it really matter? In a normal year, maybe. 2021 isn’t a normal year. Who really cares? Not Slaw. That’s for sure.

Here is how it all breaks down.  

Main image: Feld

Written by Slaw Dog

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