Dreamtraxx Builds the Daytona Supercross Section at Moto Sandbox

With the 175th Annual Daytona Supercross (yes, that was a joke. It’s literally been around forever, so take a chuckle) going down this weekend, every training facility in Florida morphs into hybrid supercross track to give their riders a chance to test on some different high speed and rough sections.

Jason Baker, the owner of Dreamtraxx and Moto Sandbox, walks us through his thought process of adding his own unique version to his supercross courses for guys like Ken Roczen, Alex Martin, and Ryan Sipes to train on.


  1. Just trying to make a joke with that one since it’s been around literally forever. But maybe we should made it say 175th so it doesn’t seem like a typo. Yep, gonna change that.

Written by DannyStu

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