Clueless: Thunder Valley

It was just about possible to tune into Thunder Valley this weekend, although once the 450s came on, I’m afraid the Champions League stream took priority. It’s not that I’m a fan of Man City or Inter Milan, its just that, well… y’know, the 450s are kind of dull.

– Can Jett see how much he can beat these guys by, just in one moto, to see how much he’s actually putting into these races?

– Because it feels like about 45%

– Perhaps even, just not get a holeshot?

– Having seen the reaction of the fans online, I thought Haiden had slayed a child

– Not swerved in front of Hunter a couple of times

– Although it definitely wasn’t a good look for him

– So we all know the 450 field is weak

– But Masterpool’s riding was still damn impressive

– And possibly the only entertaining thing about the “premier” class right now

– Thunder Valley is at altitude

– I’m not sure why I don’t mind all the mistakes Stewart makes in commentary, but other guys I absolutely hate the errors

– Fantasy MX is like shooting ducks in a barrel at the moment

– This week on “Who the hell is that scoring points in the 450 class?”… Romain Pape, Luca Marsalisi and Tyler Stepek

– Congrats

Main image: Pro Motocross

Written by Coney Island Dog

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