Clueless: Spring Creek

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Finally I was in a timezone that allowed me to partially watch some of the racing, so whilst I wasn’t completely oblivious to everything that happened, I was able to see Jett win yet again…

– I’m not saying I know more than the GOAT, but I wasn’t as confident Sexton would just blitz by Jett in race one

– There was a LOT of ‘Inside / Outside’ this weekend

– That red-plate must weigh about 20lbs on a 250F

– I really didn’t realise how close Hampshire, Shimoda and Cooper are to being involved in the 250 championship battle

– Which made that moto 1 win by Hunter even more crucial

– Millville really is a beautiful venue

– And Mt Martin is a cool feature

– Lappers are one those things that are only noticeable when they do something wrong

– Commentators are another

– I don’t think Stewart’s “tuck the front end” still applied to the first lap of race two, seven days later

– Can someone please find a fix to AC’s arm injury

– Is it bad that I didn’t notice Austin Forkner made his comeback?

Main image: Pro Motocross

Written by Coney Island Dog

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