Clueless: So Suzuki is the Best Bike Brand in the World

Wow… who’d have ever thought that Ken Roczen would win a race on a Suzuki? Probably some people who are not letting anyone in their vicinity forget it, and probably some people who never thought it, but are totally blagging it. Not that I’d ever do something like that….

– So Suzuki is the best bike brand in the world

– If ever there was a battle between the crowd favourite, and the anti-hero, this was it with Roczen and Barcia

– It seemed that any motivation Eli had to move through the field went out the window when he passed Sexton on the ground

– Which is weird because Webb was still up there

– Loved Barcia’s “pulling the battery out” line on the podium

– I just found out the official sponsors of the Monster Energy SX series is Monster Energy the drink, and Monster Energy the video game

– Talk about getting those outside sponsors involved

– I think Suzuki still uses kickstarters

– Finally Cianciarulo wasn’t just logging laps and he rode awesome

– It seemed to take the whole broadcast team about 15 minutes before they realized Webb is now leading the championship

– Did I completely miss why the Indy track cut-up so much?

– Take a shot every time the commentary crew changed their opinion between Kenny having it on lock, to Barcia closing him down

– Was loving the split-screen with the leaders in one, and Tomac in the other… until they cut away from the leaders right before Sexton crashed

– P.S. I totally called Ken Roczen to win Indy. Especially after the year he had, I knew he was on the rise.

Main image: DNC Photos

Written by Coney Island Dog

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