5 Things We Learned at the JS7 Spring Championship on Sunday

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On a cold Sunday morning in March, the 2023 JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone drew to a close. With all qualifying session, heat races and LCQs in the books, every moto was for all the marbles. Put up or shut up, it was time for the best riders in every class to deliver the goods and for those lucky enough to line the fences the racing was top notch. Some rolled out of Freestone this afternoon with hardware and heads held high while others set sail toward the next race with hopes of better days ahead. Here are how things shook out.

Ladies in Green Are Mean! Women’s (12+)

After a tight battle in moto 1, it was table set for two with Sophia Phelps and Kyleigh Stallings ready to let their Kawasaki’s eat. It was Phelps with the early lead as she seemed determined to put an exclamation point on her week at Freestone. A bobble in the iconic Texas 12 pack on lap 2 allowed Stallings to close the gap and she sensed blood in the water as she charged up to the tail section of Phelps’ Kawasaki. Poised with the lead, Phelps was able to compose herself on Stallings’ home turf and after regaining a comfortable lead, the two Fox athletes traded lap times like they have hundreds of times before. It was Phelps who took the victory but Stallings has shown incredible improvement in recent months and will likely bring her A game should they line up for part 2 of what’s known as the Texas Two Step. Briannia Scheltema was solid as a rock giving chase in 3rd in both motos as she edged out Alicia Goggel aboard her KTM. Texas born Kameron Negrete took her number 95 Husqvarna to the last top in the top 5 and showed blazing speed all week at Freestone.

Overall results:

  1. Sophia Phelps
  2. Kyleigh Stallings
  3. Brianna Scheltema
  4. Alicia Goggel
  5. Kameron Negrete

Simply Electric Mini-E (4-8) Limited

Consistency wins championships and that is lesson learned at a young age by Levi Leddy who was able to pair his moto 1 victory with a solid podium ride on Sunday which was exactly what he needed to wrap up the championship. Early moto leader Jett Rau looked to be untouchable early on, but a lap three issue saw him drop multiple positions and Abshur Hall was right there to capitalize. Hall’s journey to the third step of the podium in the overall results was nothing short of a hard-fought battle. A first moto charge from 12th to 7th should have put everyone on notice but Abshur surprised many with the outright win in moto 2. Twenty-one youngsters in this class is a great sign for the future of throttle therapy.

Overall Results

  1. Levi Leddy
  2. Jett Rau
  3. Abshur Hall
  4. Cooper Langdon
  5. Kameron Buckman

B Class Battles 250/450B (12+)

Casey Cochran was able to able to grab a pair of championships at Freestone. He required a bounce back ride in moto 2 of 250 B to secure both titles but in the 450 class he led all but one lap en route to the top step of the podium. Good starts combined with some of the fastest laps of the weekend made for a successful week for Cochran.

On his heels all week was the 27 machine of Krystian Janik aboard his Kawasaki. Janik has shown incredible improvements recently allowing him to become a contender every time the gate drops. With the top end speed at the front of the pack, anything less than a great start made for a long day at week. Such was the reality for Drew Adams who has adjusted well to the full-sized bike over the past year. As soon as Adams gets his starts figured out, everyone is in big trouble. The biggest surprise of the week in the B class had to be Aden Keefer who was in the mix all week long. Smooth style combined with blistered corner speed added up to a week where Keefer simply turned heads every time he rolled his Kawasaki onto the track. With underrated speed and consistency, Jace Allred had a solid week in Texas as well. If he’s around next week at Underground… watch out.

250 B (12+) Overall Results

  1. Casey Cochran
  2. Krystian Janik
  3. Drew Adams
  4. Jace Allred
  5. Landin Pepperd

450 B (12+) Overall Results

  1. Casey Cochran
  2. Krystian Janik
  3. Aden Keefer
  4. Drew Adams
  5. Jace Allred

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Bested by Luke Fauser in the 125 All Star (12-17) class, Tiger Wood didn’t put a wheel wrong in the 125cc (12-17) division where he was flat out dominant. In the All-Star class, Fauser put on a clinic with aggressive style and lap times 3-5 seconds faster than anyone on track with him all week. Jesson Turner had his GasGas working great in the rutty landscape of Freestone as he was a contender everyone moto. William Canaguier added to the Austrian bike at the front with good starts and an uncanny ability to stay low over the jumps. Ryder Thompson and Trinnytie Batchelor made sure Daniel Blair was smiling ear to ear seeing the Orange/Red/White Brigade riders dominating in Texas. Kade Johnson could have put his Blu Cru machine in the top 5 but a DNF in his last moto prevented that in the All-Star division but he rounded out the top 5 in 125cc (12-17). With over 50 entries in both classes, safe to say the 125 is alive and well in amateur racing.

125cc All-Star 12-17

  1. Luke Fauser
  2. William Canaguier
  3. Tiger Wood
  4. Ryder Thompson
  5. Jesson Turner

125cc (12-17)

  1. Tiger Wood
  2. Klark Robbibs
  3. Landon Hartz
  4. William Canaguier
  5. Kade Johnson

Pine and Wood on Fire 85cc (9-13)

Once qualifying was in the books, it was time for Darren Pine and Carson Wood to throw another log on the fire for yet another race between these mini missiles. Pine’s lead never grew to more than 2 seconds, but the Texan showed poise under intense pressure as both riders dropped their lap times right to checkered flag. Carson was blazing fast using some outside lines to make up time but ultimately it wasn’t enough to get close enough to attempt to make a pass stick. Visibly frustrated with the result, Wood will get many more cracks at Pine in the coming years and months to come. Tristan Prueitt put his YZ 85 on the last step on the podium and may have slightly lost touch with the leaders but established himself as clear third best this week with a 20 second lead over Wyatt Duff, Gauge Brown and the rest of the field.

Overall Results

  1. Darren Pine
  2. Carson Wood
  3. Tristan Prueitt
  4. Wyatt Duff
  5. Gauge Brown

Throttle Therapy at All Ages

Wortham, Texas, is a long way from Hesperia, California, but in pursuit of the ultimate two-wheel exhilaration, families will travel great distances. Memorable moments were not in short supply for the Keefer family who made the trip down to Texas. While young Aden served notice that he has arrived as a serious threat in the B class, his father Kris Keefer was able to sweep both motos in both classes that he entered. When asked why I feel that motocross is the ultimate family sport, I immediately point to the Keefers as a sterling example to bolster my argument. Every member of the family is nothing short of “All In” which if your goals maximum fun or top results is simply a must. Ups, downs, and everything in between the Keefers are galvanized by the adversity that can only found at the motocross track. With big smiles, they roll out of Freestone with hardware and the stories that come with it. With that chapter closed, they’re one step closer to World Mini glory that awaits at Mesquite MX in just three short weeks. Vurbmoto will be there… You?

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