Clueless: East Rutherford

When I went to bed, things were normal. The track was dry, and it was all setup for an East/West shootout (between the Lawrence’s, in case you weren’t aware) and the continuation of this epic 450 title battle. Waking up and $hit had literally hit the fan, as I skipped through the broadcast waiting for the action to resume. Thankfully it did and we were treated to two new winners who are probably on either ends of the love/hate spectrum…

-I watched Tomac’s practice crash, the track looked a little bit different then

-Anyone would think that it only ever rains in “Europe”

-*Looks out the window* … shit

-Obviously rains a lot in NY too because it was a home race for Barcia

-Did I miss the portion of the race where the front three suddenly put 30 seconds on fourth place?

-Daniel Blair had the toughest job in the house… getting Max Anstie to stick to a podium interview time limit

-I kinda love the commitment RJ entered into that last corner

-Which unfortunately didn’t end well for him

-Barcia and Sexton won’t be doing dual burnouts in the near future I’d say

-The move looked eerily similar to the move Barcia put on Anderson back in the day

-Max up front with Max in second, confused some people

-Heart was in my mouth when Roczen crashed, but he kept that hand on the clutch, like a boss

-SMX qualifiers are filling up fast

-Justin and Josh… battling each other this weekend too…. Still no coverage

-Max, Jett & Hunter gonna turn Mr Honda upside down for that bonus money

-I wish AP had have been out there

-And AC

-I truly loved Stewart’s “relapse” line about BamBam

Main image: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.  

Written by Coney Island Dog

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