Champions Crowned at RCSX! The Monday Rundown and Standouts From Daytona

It’s a wrap! Championship Monday here at RCSX has officially come and gone but worry not, I have locked myself in the media room here at Daytona to bring you a full(ish) recap!  

First and foremost, finally a day of few crashes. The track crew tamed down a couple of the sections and seemed to take a few more breaks for track maintenance throughout the day which was much needed. It was a brutal weekend in the way of injuries so it was nice to see zero red flags and a smooth program. Heck, we even ended at a decent hour! 

Alright, enough small talk. Lets get into this bowl of slaw. 

The Jett 

Jett Reynolds put on a clinic in the A and Open A classes all day taking home two titles and letting it be known he is for real. 

250 A would see Jack Rogers take the early lead and try to gap the field and held on until lap 4 where the freight train of Reynolds, Carter Biese and Wyatt Liebeck came through. Those three would finish in that order with Jack Rogers taking fourth. The low key ride of the day was from Hunter Yoder who was BURIED in the back coming around the first lap in 18th and fought his way up to fifth. 

Open A would see Reynolds lead wire to wire. Welcome Jace Kessler to the conversation who set the second best lap time of the race to grab himself a second place. Brandon Ray put the class on notice with a very impressive ride coming from 9th to find himself a spot on the podium as well. 

If you don’t follow Jace Kessler or Brandon Ray now is the time to jump aboard. These two dudes are out here putting in some serious results with no factory support. Jace Kessler also grabbed the Collegeboy title while he was here. Love a good underdog story.

Braswell Breaks Out

Next up was 250B. As I mentioned, we saw a couple big names go out due to some gnarly crashes in the razorback section. With Daxton Bennick, Gavin Towers and Gage Linville all watching from the stands it was the Ryder Difrancesco and Caden Braswell show with Ryder D taking the W.

As we saw yesterday, Braswell has the speed to run with Difrancesco but his starts bit him here in 250B. The podium would go Ryder Difrancesco, Caden Braswell and Gage Stine. Luckily for us these dudes would go at it some more thought the day. More on that in a bit. 

The best race of the weekend, in my humble opinion, was Schoolboy 2. Yes even better than any of the racing Saturday night. Caden Braswell and Ryder Difrancesco put on a show and absolutely sent it passing each other multiple times throughout the race. Caden Braswell would come out the victor, stopping the Ryder Difrancesco sweep. Ayden Shive landed on the box as well after a scary mishap in 250B knocking the wind out of himself after over jumping the rhythm before the finish line slamming his throat on the bars. 

450B would see Ryder Difrancesco taking another win followed up by Gage Stein in second and Austin Kapoukranidis in third. Braswell had a couple bobbles early on and would have to settle for fourth. 

One very quick observation after reviewing the lap times. Ryder Difrancesco had the fastest lap times out of everyone on Monday with a 55.620. He was the only one in the 55sec range. Caden Braswell pulled a 56.062 which would be second fastest overall. Interesting enough those laps came in Schoolboy 2 while they were going battling. 

Schoolboy 1 and 125 (12-17)

Logan Best, bests the competition in the first main event of the day seen some hitters going at it in Schoolboy 1. Logan Best, Bryce Shelly, Justin Allen, Ivan Aldama, and Crocket Myers have been going at it all week in the 125 classes and they did some more of it right off the rip. Best would be the victor this battle but still had another class to go later on in the day. Shelly and Allen would keep him honest but couldn’t reel him in and would round out the podium. 

125 (12-17) would seem some familiar names on the box with one major name missing. Bryce Shelly came out swinging and made his mark taking the win followed up by Noah Smerdon in second and Justin Allen securing himself another podium. Logan Best would have some issues and not be a factor at the end. I can’t wait to see these dudes mix it up for the rest of the season. 

Mini Sr & Supermini

I told you, folks to keep an eye out on the Mini Sr and Supermini classes. Was I right or was I right!? Mini Sr. 1 was up first and it was the Casey Cochran show, the kid was on it and got to the front early and never looked back. That would leave the rest of the podium to Luke Fauser, Tiger Wood, Agustin Barreneche and Kelana Humphrey. Luke Fauser would put in a hell of a ride and take the second spot with Thomas Wood coming in a close third.

Take all of the names in the Mini Sr. 1 class and shake them all up for Mini Sr. 2. This time with Tiger Wood taking the dub followed by Agustin Barreneche  and Casey Cochran. Luke Fauser would put in another solid ride to grab himself a fourth followed up by Kelana Humphrey

Supermini 1 would see an absolute brawl between Casey Cochran and Agustin Barreneche which led to them both laying on the ground and out of title contention. Krystian Janik would be the beneficiary of said battle to grab himself a title here at RCSX and rode incredibly well to do so. Humphery would secure second and his first Supermini podium along with Diesel Thomas taking third. 

Supermini 2 featured the same cast of characters but all shuffled up once again. Kids will be kids. Casey Cochran bounced back and came out swinging to lead wire to wire and grab himself his second title on the weekend. Agustin Barreneche didn’t have the pace to reel him in and would have to settle for second, with Jude Smerlick rounding off the podium. Krystian Janik would get balled up on the start and came through the pack for an impressive fourth. Noah Viney took fifth.

A couple quick shoutouts to the classes above. Kyleigh Stallings was out there hauling ass, running the pace and absolutely shredding in the Supermini Classes finishing just outside the top 10 in both classes. Leo Tucker has been putting in work at Club 57 and that work is showing with a pair of sixth place finishes in the Supermini classes. 


The 85cc classes would belong to Landon Gibson this weekend. The kid was on absolute fire all day and took some titles home as proof. 

85 (10-12 ltd) would see Landon Gibson in 1st, Chase Lawton in 2nd and Christopher Harris rounding out the top 3.

In the 85 mod class Landon Gibson once again set sail after getting around Chase Andersen on lap 3 to take the win. Ely Gross had a very solid steady ride to take 2nd and Chase Lawton found himself on the podium yet again.  


The little dudes were here to send it and man o man did they ever! First up was 65 (10-11) where we saw Carson Wood and Jonathan Getz set sail for 1st and 2nd. Travis Johnsmeyer capped off the podium. 

In 65 (7-11) Brandon Eade, Braydan Comerford and Grant McDonald would grab the top 3 spots. Carson Wood snagged a fourth after working his way through the pack. Jonathan Getz had the early lead but was cleaned out by Brandon Eade early on and would have to settle for fifth this time around. 

The mini senders in 65 (7-9) were sending it straight to the moon all damn weekend. Gage Brown rode a solid race working his way up from third to grab himself a title. Braydan Comerford and Kash Cain would finish second and third. Your 51 (7-8 LTD) winner Eidean Streinbrecher found himself in the top 5 with a fourth and Tayce Morgan in fifth after leading early but went down dashing his title hopes. 

That is all from here at the World Center of Racing. See you folks this weekend at Millcreek for the second stop of the Vurb Shred Tour then do this all over again in Freestone for the JS7 Spring Championship. 

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
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