James Stewart Trying to Break the Damn Internet Before Houston

The above photo is real! Seriously, it is. James even confirms as much in a Instagram post.

Since walking away from the sport in 2016 (he didn’t officially retire until 2019, but you know) James Stewart is slowly reentering the sport he once dominated and gosh dang it Slaw could not be happier. The sport is better with Stew in it.

Since going MIA for a couple years, Stew has since done a tell-all with his gear-brand Seven, did some breakdown videos for Feld and is now helping Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton and he even showed up at a race last year! Rumor is, he’ll be attending some supercross rounds this year with Chase too. Hot damn.

Well, James, who doesn’t post often on his social channels, went and tried to break the damn Internet today, posting a photo with him and long-time rival Chad Reed playing a round of golf.

Stew and Reed, who had one of the most heated rivalries in our sport, buried the hatchet a long time ago, but if you would have told a young Slaw that they would be playing golf, I would not have believed you. It’s like seeing Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant just chilling, drinking beer. 2021, man, it keeps delivering.

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