(Almost) Black and White ft. Levi Kitchen at JS7 Spring Championship

Almost Black & White is kinda sort like our typical B&W series you’ve come accustom to (maybe) enjoying. Okay fine! It’s literally the same thing. But, here’s the twist: we are shooting and releasing a new almost Black & White episode every day this week while in Wortham, TX for the 2021 JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone (not sure if James even knows he has an amateur national). Art Dog will shoot it, edit it, and post it all in the same day (editor’s note: stupid idea).

With that in mind, being in the middle of cow pastures and a general landscape devoid of anything, it limits our accessibility with the athletes. We aren’t going to their house to shoot them do a warm up, cook some breakfast, and then carpool with them to the track. Instead, we are going to keep these almost B&W episodes under a 10-minute runtime, and we are only going to shadow them on their respective race days. See, it’s almost like our typical B&W series. 

For our first installment, we spent some time with Star Racing Yamaha’s Levi Kitchen as he handled business in the 250 Open Pro Sport division. Did he win? Did he not win? Like I said last week, Instagram holds all the answers that you already know. But, by watching this video, you will learn something that you can’t learn anywhere else and it involves a small song. About bugs. As quickly sung by Levi’s teammate, Nick Romano. Enjoy.

Open Pro Sport RAW Highlights From JS7 Spring Championship

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