All-Time Nice Guy Freddie Noren Stops In Middle of the Race to Check On Justin Hill After Landing On Him

Viewer discretion is advised.

This was really bad, but could have been much, much worse. Late in the 450 main event in Daytona, Justin Hill appeared to make a mistake in the rhythm section. With nowhere else to go, Freddie Noren landed on him and both went down hard. It reminded me of the Trey Canard crash. Just brutal.

Hill said on Instagram Sunday that he is obviously super banged up and he is trying to determine “what the primary issue” is at this time.

Below is his full statement:

“Little hiccup in the Main 🥴 It’s a rough sport and s*#t happens sometimes. Thanks to @freddienoren for being such a sportsman and truly good guy. Nothing he could have done to avoid what happened, I do however apreciate his mid race gesture to check on me.. I’m obviously super banged up, it’s hard to tell at the moment what the primary issue will be but the goal is to be back racing next asap. 🍻”

Being the nice guy that he is, after the incident Freddie did not try and continue with his race. Nope. He walked over to Hill to make sure he was okay.

Awful situation, but a true gesture of the sportsmanship this sport offers time and time again.

Get well soon, Justin!

Written by Slaw Dog

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