5 Things We Learned at High Point

I Wish Kenny Was Racing the Entire Summer

Ken Roczen’s High Point weekend planning sounds just about how my weekend went. Ginger Dog and I loaded up our boys for a one night getaway to have some fun. Just getting somewhere with our 4 and 2-year-old children is amazing. We planned and bought our hotel exactly eight hours before we left. I forgot several things, Duke Dog puked all over the car on the way down and we had a lot of fun, which means we led a lot of laps and got an overall podium. Just like Kenny. Heck, we ALMOST had that kid Jettson sweating for a minute or five. The moral of this story is that when you plan things on the fly you can accomplish more than you think. I also wish K-Roc was racing the entire Pro Motocross season. 

This Jett Kid is Unstoppable

I’m going to say it for the first time. I didn’t want to say it this early, but I’m going to: If I were going to RedBud, I would absolutely serve Jettson his first loss of the summer with our pending bball game of J-E-T-T. He’d be toast.

Other than that, the only person who will defeat Jett this MX season will be Jett. It’s a perfect season. 

Deegan Graduates in More Than One Way

No matter what Haiden Deegan does in his life, he’s going to get roasted for it. He could rescue three kittens from a bird’s nest in a burning tree and still have an adult tell him that he did it wrong on social media. Also, why were kittens in a bird’s nest in that last sentence? Deegan graduated high school and was celebrated at High Point because of that. He also graduated to Star Racing team leader in the standings as he took over second overall in the championship. Here’s a get well to Justin Cooper as he was second, but had a scary crash in practice. Deegan has been trending up since the season started and anything can happen with over half of the series remaining. Moto wins will be happening for sure. 

Marchbanks Should Move Up to 450s Full Time

If I’m Garrett Marchbanks I use this opportunity to move up to the 450 class for the rest of my career. The 450 just suits him better. The Manchild (we should just call him “man” now, right?) finished second in the first 450 moto and finished sixth overall on the day. It seemed like ClubMx wanted to prove that they were an elite 250 team by putting their big names in that class to start the season after the successful season in SX. Yet, outdoors is a different game and Marchbanks is like seven foot tall. Let’s move up. This won’t be his last podium of the season. 

Inconsistency Was Key at High Point, H-Law Pulls Away

The 250 class moto scores were all over the map at High Point and Hunter Lawrence secured another overall win. He’s now 4/4 wins in MX and we will add that to his 7/10 SX main event wins. Hunter is having himself the year that all riders dream of. It’s a mix of preparation meeting standards. I know we have more than half of the series yet to go, but Deegan, Hampshire, Shimoda, Kitchen, and crew have their work cut out for them.

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

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