5 Things We Learned at Atlanta Supercross

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Sexton Dominates

This win was BIG for Chase Sexton! It should also concern everyone else in the class. Sexton led every bit of the way and dominated this main. He proved to himself that he can do it and now he has all of the confidence in the world. It’s not farfetched to say that he can win the last four main events this season. I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m not going to tell him that. A 17 point deficit is going to be very difficult and nearly impossible to make up in four races. Still, it’s going to be one heck of a finish to this series between Webb, Tomac and Sexton. 

Is Deegan Generational?

Is it too early to discuss how good Haiden Deegan is going to be? The Jett generational conversations happened quickly and you already see how good Deegan is already. Obviously I’m not being totally serious here because we still have to see how he performs outdoors. Yet, I’m also being serious because I think he’s going to be doing the same outdoors or better. Another podium checked off the list in Atlanta behind two veteran riders in Lawrence and Smith was another great showing. He also took over second in points after his teammate Nate Thrasher’s unfortunate crash

Smith is Underrated

How can I say that a veteran of the 250SX class is underrated? Easy, I just did! Smith had been injured a lot in between 2019-2021 and finally was able to put together a consistent season for Fire Power Honda last year, which earned him the Star Racing ride. Well, this year actually has been going great besides the missed main in Detroit. Smith has gone 3-15-2-4-3-2 this season and has put his career back on track. I hope that Star keeps him around for next season because he could pull a Christian Craig and win the title.  

Shimoda is BACK!

Jo Shimoda made his season debut in ATL and fit in fourth! It’s a great starting point for Pro Circuit’s 250MX championship hopeful. Let’s get a few gate drops under his belt and make a full force assault on the great outdoors. That’s all I really have on Jo. It’s just cool that he can come back after an injury and almost finish on the podium. 

The Hills Have Eyes and Speed!

The Hill brothers have been a very nice surprise this season. If I had a bingo card last year that said that both of the brothers would ever be on the same gate again I would have called you crazy. That last sentence doesn’t even make any sense if you go back and reread it, but you know what I mean. Justin and Josh sit 10th and 13th in points respectively at the moment. Good job to Team Tedder and Team Hill Bros!

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Troy Dog

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