Clueless: Atlanta

A day late, and a dollar short is the expression, but you always get great value for money with these Clueless articles so to my point, that saying definitely doesn’t apply here…

– Sexton would have needed a sniper rifle in his gloves to have hit Webb in Atlanta

– I might have misheard, but I’m pretty sure James threw some shade at a “cycling coach”

– Jett Lawrence broke his Triple Crown “curse” last time out, but the curse of Will Christien speaking and something major happening lives on

– A day-race on the East Coast just doesn’t make sense to me

– Call it a coinky-dink but I noticed this week was a completely open-air stadium with no chance of chemical poisoning

– Did Ricky and James race together?

– I think they did

– And Ricky preferred to be in second place

– It took a little bit of time, but the broadcast crew finally realized that Sexton is back in this championship battle

– Maybe Feld can get sponsor for their burnout patch, who’ll hopefully make it big enough for three bikes

– Not sure, but Jason Anderson had a baby this weekend

– Or at least his wife did…

– Seriously, just once…. show Hill vs Hill battling!

– Get well soon to Thrasher and anyone else who hit the dirt this weekend

– Thankfully AC survived his crash, so he can continue “logging laps”

Main image: Mike Vizer

Written by Coney Island Dog

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