5 Things We Learned, Arlington 2: Feel the Thury, 250 Shakeup and McAdon’t Cut the Track

Dominique Thury Full of Fury

Bad headline, but it rhymed so I went with it. I’ve got that kind of power around here. LCQ’s are a nightmare for some. Even Dean Wilson has been outspoken on how much he despises them. But for Dominique Thury, the LCQ was the highlight of his career thus far. Marking his first time ever qualifying for a main event. I got goose bumps watching him fist pump over the finish line and hug his competitors as if he had just swept the Monster Energy Cup. The dude was flat out with two to go and would not be denied. Schock and Masterpool were running the same pace, but no one had the fury of Thury (see what I did there?).

The 250 Class

I had to watch this race four times and I still don’t believe it. A fourth overall winner in four weeks would have been enough to send us to the fridge for another claw, but seeing Jalek Swoll get his first podium (we’ve been calling this for weeks, just saying) and Kyle Peters hold off Garett Marchbanks was enough for a case of claws. Add the drama that was Cameron McAdoo and Justin Cooper, and hot damn I couldn’t sleep for hours.

P.S. Shout out to Mitchell Harrison on pulling the holey and riding like a savage, as well.

McAdoo, McAdon’t (Cut the Track)

If you’re getting tire of the play on words with McAdoo’s last name, you may want to consider going somewhere else. This shtick is here to stay so McDeal with it.

Like a Bojangles Biscuit in the morning, Cameron McAdoo had momentum sitting in the palm of his hands. Justin Cooper had some ground to make up after going down early and McAdoo was in prime position to put his boot on Justin Cooper’s throat. Until he wasn’t. A crash in the whoops was made even worse after he cut the track. Had he reentered the track legally he may still have the points lead, but after being docked three positions, Hunter Lawrence is now holding the red plate, and he won’t be giving it up easily. Current point standing is tighter than your old mans wallet at Disney World, with Lawrence at 84 points, McAdoo with 83 points and Justin Cooper with 82 points.


When Cooper Webb, Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen got off the gate 1-2-3, my heart rate spiked to Zone 5, which is anaerobic for you couch surfers out there. This was it, everything we’ve been waiting for this year. But no positions changed. NONE. NOT A SINGLE PASS inside the top three. Tomac made it fun, don’t get me wrong, but he slipped up late in the game and couldn’t make up for lost time. The stage was set, but the dinner never got served. Hopefully we get another chance at this line up on Saturday, because something tells me the outcome will be different if so.

Chris Blose is Quietly Crushing

First off, Blose is a true boss. And this year he’s proving that the older dogs can still keep up with the younger dogs. An eighth at A2 (feels weird calling Arlington A2, but I’m gonna roll with it) settled him in to a comfy seventh overall in the points standing. He’s crushing dudes with full factory rides, showing most of the rookie class how it’s done and quietly putting in a fantastic overall season. Top five may be a stretch, but if he keeps his head down it looks like finishing the season inside the top six or seven is attainable.

Written by Bird Dog

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