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This is so obviously a huge part of motocross and will always be, since you know it gets hot in the Summer, but hear me out! People love MX because only the real men in this sport race it and everyone racing a national is the raddest dude ever because of this. The tracks are rough and the weather is hot. I’ve never once talked to one of these riders and heard them tell me that it was too hot. If you’re in your backyard laying mulch right now and sweating every single Twisted Tea out of your body like I am, well I have some news for you. It’s not even 80 degrees yet. These guys will race in ninety-plus degrees for most of the Summer. The truth is that most of these riders aren’t human. I’m convinced. They enjoy the suffering part of moto. I don’t really understand or know why they do. I just nod in agreement, like yeah man I love to just be drenched in a pool of sweat like I’ve been in a sauna for 67 hours straight. It’s totally normal and dope. I want to ride back to my pit and jump in a dirty pool/trash can full of lukewarm water after my moto too. 

Metal Starting Grates

Talk about some drama! It was announced around the Nashville Supercross that Pro Motocross will now be a metal grate starting grid for all 11 rounds. This caused quite a stir in the pits as several riders voiced their opinions on the matter. It’s a new age of moto, right? I don’t have an opinion on this decision as I don’t race, nor am I out on the track. This doesn’t affect me in any way, shape, or form. The same guys who get good starts are still going to get good starts. Some tracks used to start on concrete too, which was always interesting to watch. Let’s see how it plays out. 

30+2 X 2

If you thought a 27 lap 450 main event was awesome, then we are really going to love the return of 30+2X2. No, this isn’t math class and that is not an equation. I love the outdoors so much because we get to watch the best riders in both classes duke it out for almost an hour each race day. If you fall in the first turn you have a chance to come back through the field. If you’re super in shape (like me) then you can make late race passes when guys are dragging their balls in their spokes late in the race. I’m not telling you anything new here, (that’s the next two bullet points) I just needed Five Things to write about this week and this is what I came up with, 

250 Title Pick

The 250 class isn’t as beat down with injuries like the premier class is at the moment. I’m truly excited to see how this class stacks up as well. Obviously, the real title favorite is Hunter Lawrence, especially with the way he dominated the East Coast. Yet, I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the following riders made this title interesting for all of us. Guys  like Justin Cooper, RJ Hampshire, Jeremy Martin, Jo Shimoda, Tom Vialle, and Levi Kitchen are all standing in Lawrence’s way. That’s a stacked lineup and I haven’t even listed the rest of the crew! Who is your pick? I’m going with Hunter for the title, but I’ll be shocked if it’s an easy go of it for him. Now, what about that Haiden Deegan…?

450 Title Pick

We will never get the showdown that we wanted with Eli Tomac’s injury, but get better soon champ. The battle for the 450 title will come down to Chase Sexton, Dylan Ferrandis, and the rookie Jett Lawrence. If you tell me at the end of this season that any one of them is the champion I would not be surprised. Now if it’s someone else, I’ll take a hiatus because barring injury there is no way one of these guys won’t win. My pick for the 2023 Pro Motocross 450MX Champion is Chase Sexton. I know a lot of you out there are probably banking on Jett to win this and enter a Jett Era where he just dominates the sport the next 15 years. I agree Jettson will win and he will be a title contender, however Sexton has been planning his entire year on getting revenge on Tomac from last Summer. He knows he has the speed edge on his competitors and I’m pretty sure he’s figured out his mistakes. This will be the Summer of Sexton, but you won’t find me on any type of ship. 

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