5 Riders To Watch SMX Playoffs | Amateur Edition

Round 2 of the SuperMotocross Playoffs heads to Chicago this weekend. Stop two of the three-round playoffs will be held at Chicagoland Speedway. As we saw at round 1, 22 amateur riders will race this weekend, and that class will be the Supermini All-Stars. Let’s look at five riders you need to watch for.

Vincent Wey

Vincent comes out of California and is the son of Nick Wey. Vincent has been showing massive improvements over the last few years, with a breakout year in 2021, winning a 65 Loretta’s title and backing it up with another title this year in Mini Sr 1. 

Wey has shown he means business and will work hard to become the best. With his impressive racing results and the mentorship of his father, he knows firsthand a thing or two about a supercross track. Make sure to keep your eye on Vincent Wey.

Seth Dennis

Coming from Florida, Seth has the speed and will put on a show while doing it. Seth has been on the scene since 2015 and has only finished outside the top eight at Loretta’s once. Yeah, you read that right. This kid rips. If you don’t know Seth, you may remember the photo we posted this year from Loretta’s where Seth hit us with a point back at the camera mid-race. Keep your eyes on this kid because I promise it will be a show.

Wyatt Thurman

Wyatt is an eight-time National Champion and has made a name for himself at a very young age. He rides for the KTM Orange Brigade and brought home the 85cc title this year at Loretta’s. While he will be one of the younger riders this weekend, we will see Wyatt towards the top of the leaderboard.

Canyon Richards

This dude is the real deal. Canyon not only rips on the motocross but also burns up the GNCC and SEWC circuits. Canyon reminds me of a young Ryan Sipes; just put the kid on a dirt bike, and he will be good at it. Canyon has a vast following for an amateur rider and has already made a name for himself. Anytime Canyon is at a race, there’s a chance he can win.

Kane Bollasina

A home race for Kane. Grabbing a championship last year in Mini O’s and backing them up this year at Loretta’s with two top eight finishes and three second place finishes at Baja Brawl. Kane will come out of the gates swinging. He has the raw talent and speed needed to win. I have high hopes for this kid from the videos I have seen on social media of Kane training the last couple of weeks on his supermini. Kane will blast into the amateur scene this weekend.


Vincent Wey – CA

Colby Lessar – CO

Wyatt Thurman – CA

Darren Pine – TX

Carson Wood – FL

Seth Dennis – FL

Austin Camden – NV

Kevyn De Phino – PA

Canyon Richards – NJ

Cole Timboe – CA

Cole Blecha – CO

Max Shane – CA

Logan Mortberg – FL

Jayce Wolf – WI

Nico Stefancik – IL

Carson Millikan – AZ

Kane Bollasina – MO

Bradyn Johnson – FL

Grayson Townsend – UT

Wyatt Duff – KY

Brody Barth – WI

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