5 Reasons Why You Need To Race The Chillitown Classic in 2023

Nestled in the hills of of Chillicothe, Ohio, Chilitown MX, ran by Scott Plessinger and company, are at it again with the revamped Chillitown Classic featuring both motocross AND supercross. It’s the only amateur event outside of Mini O’s and AZ Cup to have the format. You might be asking, why should I add this to my calendar in the years to come? Let me give you a few reasons why. 

1) It’s an AMA Featured Event

That all I need to say on that one I suppose. 

2) Supercross and Motocross

Scott Plessinger and the crew rolled out a brand-new layout for the motocross track while also adding a legit amateur friendly supercross track as well! Thats right, no more waiting for November to play around on a supercross track and win a feature title in the process. The week was split up into SX and MX as you could imagine. The weather may not of been in their favor for the SX portion of the week but the kids showed out in the Saturday evening Supercross Race following day one of MX racing. The weather may not of been in their favor for the SX but it gave us a glimpse into the massive potential this race has to offer. 

3) Location Location Location

Located just one hour south of Columbus, Chillicothe has every amenity known to man. It isn’t one of those races out in BFE. Tons of hiking trails in the state parks surrounding the town for those kids that have seemingly endless energy. Good hotels, good food choices, what more could you ask for. 

4) Facility

The track is unique in that it is built on the backside of the Ross County fairgrounds giving it over 1200 hook ups with full electric and water. That’s right, 1200! No more generators running through the evenings, especially with these gas prices. 

5) Atmosphere

While I can not attest to the mood earlier in the week as the rains kept falling, Saturday when I rolled in, the place was still buzzing as everyone was getting ready to tackle the newly rebuilt motocross track. The weather finally broke, the sun came out and the days festivities were getting ready to kick off including an evening of supercross racing featuring a $10,000 Pro Purse along with 125 All Stars, Supermini, 85 and 65 open. After the 450 Pro’s crossed the finish line and the cash was handed out we all turned our attention to Best Whip which was dominated by Ronnie Mac and Steven Mages to close out the evening. You never know who will show up! Heck, even Chad Reed was spinning laps in-between swapping out filters in one of the 69 bikes in their pit. 

Here are a few snaps from weekend that was at the Chillitown Classic: 


  1. My son is Trevor Hazlett#65. You have his pics featured twice which is awesome!! We were wondering who was filming & taking pics and if there is any way we might be able to get some of the content?

  2. Great read! Thanks for Sharing, also interested in purchasing a couple pictures of my son from you

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