44 Thoughts Following Arlington Supercross


Cooper Webb

I believe the term is opportunistic. Webb capitalized on every mistake his competition made en route to second victory of the season. Cooper is now just two points down after seven rounds.

Chase Sexton

After seven rounds, Chase Sexton has been leading in the closing laps of an event four times. He has won one of these rounds. Unfortunately, Sexton got a bit tangled with Grant Harlan and was unable to fend off a charging Cooper Webb.

Eli Tomac

An uncharacteristic mistake in the third race of the night resulted in a third that easily could have been his fifth win on the year. Heading into Daytona, Eli has yet to relinquish the points lead.

Jason Anderson

Oh, what could have been. First in qualifying but going down on the first start derailed his chances of a podium on the night even after a win in the second moto.

Ken Roczen

After a strong start to the night with second in the first moto, Roczen was for the most part invisible. Partly due to the Triple Crown event broadcasts being mainly focused at the front of the pack.

Aaron Plessinger

Quiet night for Aaron after several weekends of battling with the title contenders.

Justin Barcia

Flashes of brilliance early in the night were derailed by a second moto off track excursion. Bam Bam seems to be lost in area 51.

Christian Craig

CC has been building steadily. I don’t know if Daytona will be another step forward for the 28 machine, but he’s working up to battling with the likes of Barcia and Plessinger.

Justin Cooper

Chapter 3 of his 450 Supercross abbreviated program was another solid ride. Is Cooper doing enough on the big bike to stay on Star Racing Yamaha in 2024? Time will tell but being more “in the fight” might help his case.

Justin Hill

First top 10 of the year. Justin’s skill set should have him battling with other former 250 champions, but his extended time off clearly still hinders him.

Dean Wilson

Dean’s on a farewell tour with respectable results and great fan interaction. Still awesome to see Dean out there, even though he’s clearly not at the height of his powers and health.

Benny Bloss

Privateer hero times 1000. Benny’s program seems to be self-supported to the next level and he is posting lap times ahead of guys on Honda HRC and Red Bull KTM.

Josh Hill

Since starting the year slow, Josh has made three consecutive mains and has moved into 17th in points.

Colt Nichols

An up and down night for the HRC 450 rookie who seems to be labouring as we enter the down days of supercross.

Shane McElrath

The #12 has quietly been building with a few signs of life. Shane’s 450 career has been rocky to say the least, but with consistency will come more success.

Kyle Chisholm

Chiz continues to Chiz all over the competition. For a guy who turned pro on a steel framed Kawasaki 250F, he’s doing just fine.

Grant Harlan

Har Dawg might get a hard time from a few die-hard Sexton fans, but the incident was a complete accident.

Kevin Moranz

Consistently making mains and staking up points. Moranz is on pace to get his number back in the 50s.

Joshua Cartwright

IT specialist by day, Supercross racer on Saturday nights. Cartwright is having his best seasons yet.

Joey Savatgy

After a solid start the season, Joey is day-to-day with a sore wrist.

Justin Starling

Another night in the mains for Starling. Headed back to his home state and looking for a better result, but he’s been solid.

Logan Karnow

First main event qualification for Karnow. Still not showing his best speed.


Nate Thrasher

Consistency wins championships and apparently Triple Crowns too! For the second time this season the 250 class Triple Crown winner does not win a race but stands tall at the top of the podium.

Jordon Smith

If not for multiple soil samples, Jordon probably wins this weekend. Twenty-one points down in the championship after just three rounds.

Hunter Lawrence

A crash on the start in the third race decided Hunter’s fate. He went full bullet head as he climbed back into a podium spot for the overall.

Tom Vialle

Really solid start to the season for the two-time MX2 MXGP World Champion in his first-year riding supercross… never mind racing it.

Max Anstie

The first round off the podium for Max was a quiet night for the most part. Daytona might be just what he needs to get back on the box.

Jeremy Martin

A dreadful start to the night left a dark cloud over the rest of the night despite winning the third race.

Michael Mosiman

Another off night for the GasGas pilot. Was looking good in the third race until he ended up on the ground. He has to be frustrated.

Haiden Deegan

Wild night for young Deegan. A crash that could have been worse in the first race hindered his chances at a top five.

Chris Blose

8-8-8 for 9th overall… that’s got to feel like kissing your sister for your first top 10 of the season. Better days ahead for this skilled vet.

Chance Hymas

Another top 10 for Honda HRC’s 250 rookie. A couple more rounds before Chance focuses on heading outdoors.

Jace Owen

Phoenix Racing Honda’s lead racer has been quiet but showing promise as the series heats up.

Henry Miller

Another solid weekend for Minnesota’s Henry Miller. These mid-pack Honda pilots are battling tooth and nail every race.

Talon Hawkins

Husky’s 250 rookie joined the series in the 11th hour. Look for him to improve heading into Daytona.

Cullin Park

The 2022 250 Rookie of the Year hasn’t returned to his form from last year, but the series is young.

Jeremy Hand

Really solid night for Jeremy. Not a ton of TV time but he’s been getting into the mains easily every weekend.

Marshal Weltin

Marsh is still building back into form after off-season knee surgery. Safe to say he’s still not 100%.

Coty Schock

Schock did not look comfortable much of the night. The short races might not play into his strengths.

Brock Papi

Eighteenth does not reflect how much speed Brock had all night. The 13th he got in the third race has to feel good, but also left him feeling like he could have had a career best night.

A J Catanzaro

The Moto Academy Headmaster put on a clinic in qualifying and I’m sure he wants better results in the races but for the 250 Chiz this is pretty solid.

Luke Neese

Safe to say Luke would like to have a word with Jeremy Hand after an aggressive move left Neese down and hurt.

Michael Hicks

Hicks hasn’t yet had a night reflective of his speed in Arenacross. Better nights ahead but not sure that will come in Daytona.

Hardy Munoz

Regardless of the end result mad respect for a guy who took a hellacious slam in the whoops in the first race and still lined up for the right of the night. No quit in Hardy Munoz.

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Written by BigMxRadio

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