Daxton Bennick on Supercross Futures, Moving to Star Racing, What’s Next and More

Daxton Bennick is Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha’s top amateur athlete. On the heels of his second Supercross Futures win in Arlington last Saturday we caught up with the young hot shot to see how his first year is going with the new team.

Vurbmoto: Daxton, Congratulations on a strong start to 2023. You’ve been able to collect wins at both rounds of Supercross Futures. A ton of work must go into that, tell us a bit about how you’ve prepared.

Bennick: Yeah, thank you. I’ve actually been living and training down here at the Goat Farm with the team. It’s awesome because it’s pretty much like racing. All my teammates are here pushing each other, and we ride in literally all conditions which is huge for the progression of my skills.

On top of training with the pro team, you must get a boost in confidence given the fact that both wins this year came with a big lead and lap times that are close to some of the top pros. How do you feel about it?

Yeah, for sure. I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to execute so far as I prepare to enter the pro ranks. Those guys go extremely fast, and I’ve got a ton the learn but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

You changed teams from last year after being on KTMs for many years. What has that adjustment been like for you.

Oh, yeah man. I’d been on KTM my entire career up until this point, so it was a pretty major adjustment right at the beginning when I first showed up and the team had me on supercross right away which was challenging but they were really helpful getting me settled. We’re still testing to make it more comfortable, but the bike is amazing.

Do you feel that switching brands as well as switching your focus to supercross helped make that transition? Switching to supercross is a different setup to begin with so maybe having those happen at the same time helped you transition better?

Well, the supercross tracks here at the Goat Farm are just a lot more peaky and steeper than my track at home but yeah it didn’t take long to start feeling comfortable to start jumping into some motos with the boys. Any time you’re going from supercross outdoors, it’s a big change but I felt pretty good after a few days.

Tell me about coming into the situation with a team full of fast guys and guys you’ve been competitive with is the past.

Yeah, I mean at first the pressure was real because these guys all go fast, and you want to get up the speed right away. I was off the pace for the first few days but it’s cool to be around these guys. It’s inspiring and it makes everyone better at the same time.

When all the trainers and mechanics and support system isn’t in your ear, how does Daxton Bennick reflect on the expectations and pressure to perform at the highest level?

Yeah, like you said when the trainers an stuff goes away, I just have to believe in myself that I’m doing the right things day in and day out. I just see these guys and think that at one point they weren’t as far ahead in their progression as I am now so I just gotta keep working and good things will happen.

In 6-7 months, you’ll be a full-blown pro in this sport. Do you ever take time to look back at the amateur career you’ve had and the adversity you’ve faced in that time?

Yeah man, I mean, it’s cool to look back sometimes. I had a pretty decent little bike career and as soon as I got on big bikes, I had a few little injuries, so it was tough to get rolling after that but since then it’s been really good and I’m proud to keep building on top of that.

You actually got on big bikes a lot younger than most. What was that transition like for you being tall enough to rider a 250 but maybe not strong enough to ride it that way you wanted to?

So that was right at the beginning of COVID and I got on a 125 for a bit and it was actually super expensive to build a really fast 125 so I got a stock 250 and I actually loved that bike. Like, I tried that bike and told my dad like, “I feel like I could win Loretta’s on this thing” so yeah, I got used to riding a stock 250 for a while before I rode the mod bike.

Let’s talk competition. You’ve been racing basically the same guys and were even teammates with Haiden Deegan on Orange Brigade before being teammates again now. Even when competing in the same class, how do you guys stay friends off the track but then battle for wins?

Well, yeah, me and Haiden have been trading championships for years since we were on 50s so we’re cool with each other and I’ve been racing a lot of the same guys like Casey [Cochran] for years so it’s easy to keep the competitive stuff on the track.

Ok, so what’s the plan now until we see you compete again?
So, I go to Texas [JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone] in a bit here and then I have one more qualifier before we get ready for Loretta’s so that’ll be fun to get back to motocross and focus on that for a bit.

What comes with more pressure: an amateur national or a regional qualifier where you’re pretty much expected to clean up?

Honestly, I get more nervous rolling into a smaller race because you pretty much have to win. I actually got a really bad start at the area qualifier, and I was coming through and when other dudes realize it’s me behind them, they go nuts. They’re scrubbing and whippin it and I’m all like “ok settle down”. I was still able to win the moto so that was good.

That’s awesome. Alright Daxton, what are you goals for the rest for the season in 2023?

Ok so I got Daytona next week and then Freestone and Spring a Ding and then I’m back here to get ready for Lorretta’s. I just want to build up to that point and keep learning the way I have. If I can do that and believe in myself, I’ll give myself a chance to win some championships.

Thanks for the time, man.

Thanks, Big Dog. You’re my hero and I’m stoked Vurb brought you on. (Ok, he didn’t say that last part.)

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