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When it comes to custom dirt bike graphics, there are just a few big dogs to look out on the market if quality and looks are among your priorities. One of them is OMX Graphics that is taking the motocross world by storm. The previous year has been a huge success for the brand as they secured their positions and released few collections that became an instant hit. The best part? 2021 seems even more promising.

Let’s be clear here: everyone wants to ride a good-looking bike. But when you’re out in the track and racing the hell out of yourself, preventing your ride from scratches and scuffs is the last thing to think about. This is where a nice mx graphics kit comes in by protecting the plastics from all the ugly stuff. And when it’s made of a 21MIL thick Substance material, you can sleep well knowing that your plastics will last through the harshest conditions out there. At the end of the day, custom decals by OMX Graphics is geared toward serious racers and MX enthusiasts alike who demand the very best performance out of everything, including such an important visual and technical update. Durable and race-ready, these graphics offer a clean yet bold style and perfect fit.

My goodness, you’ll want to pick up this right now if you ride a Suzuki! Slaw approves.

Durability and quality is one of the main pillars for OMX Graphics. As a company of dedicated motocross riders, they have never doubted the importance of using only the best materials. As John, the founder of company, admits – testing their products daily in the roughest conditions possible is an important part of product development process. Besides, when your duties include racing on a daily basis, what’s not to like?

OMX Graphics started way back in 2011 when they saw a gap on the market for a premium-quality motocross graphics. That is when they decided to create MX graphics that would tick all the boxes: the right looks, the right quality, an adequate price and top-shelf customer service. Ten years later, they have four offices worldwide, a highly skilled staff, and a huge and growing customer base.

Straight heat doggies!

2020 was a huge success for the brand as they secured their positions by featuring some of their dirt bike graphics on the only official motocross game MXGP 2020. Now you can update even your virtual ride with the sickest-looking MX graphics out there. But that’s only for starters. The previous year brought a brand new website for the brand, record sales, a Top 3 position on google, and more.

“I have sweet graphics, but these will be my new ones.” Bird Dog

The design team of OMX works their bottoms off, creating the dopest graphic kits available on the market right now. Few of the latest design collections praised very highly are the the brand new SIGNATURE series. This kit is about to become legendary – it features a wolf pattern in sleek but aggressive dark grey and yellow hues. Now everyone can join the OMX wolf pack in no time and look rad 24/7, whatever the occasion. Another series that has become hugely popular is ‘Rage’. The design is sophisticated yet bold which makes these motocross graphics a safe choice for rushing through the wildest trails and getting to the winner’s pedestal at races alike. As well dark colours always turn out smashing on a dirt bike, therefore an dark grey or black combo designs will steal the show and look great in photos. Whatever the customer chooses, it is guaranteed to look absolutely smashing on his dirt bike. Launching so many bestselling graphic kits only proves that our customers still support and highly value the work done by OMX and the company truly understands what a rider needs. Last year, the brand introduced a wide design selection for GASGAS as well. Now everyone can sport a champion-worthy appearance even on a daily base. Check out some of the dopest GasGas Mx Graphics out there!

“Best GasGas graphics I’ve ever seen.” Slaw Dog

One of the things that is praised highly is the top-shelf customer service of OMX. The customization of your graphics is completely free. Plus, the company is ready to go the extra mile to find the perfect solution for each client. After all, being original and standing out of the crowd is a crucial aspect for the brand and all the racers alike. Tested and trusted by many professional riders worldwide, OMX Graphics is truly the top choice for daily work and races.

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