Why We Are Bringing Racing to the Vurb Shred Tour

We’re dropping gates at the Vurb Shred Tour stops in 2022. We’re also shredding, though. Oh, and we also hooked up with the USMCA to offer training classes. And yes, there will be as many free hotdogs as you can swallow. (We’re still looking for a hotdog sponsor, though. If you’re reading this, holla at us, Oscar Meyer.)


Wrong question!

You should be asking yourself, why not?

Starting at KCRP MX for Shred Stop #2 in California, we’ll be offering USMCA training classes on Friday, the best day of shredding with your bros you’ve ever experienced on Saturday, and dropping gates on Sunday with tons of local race vibes. Come for one day, two days, or all three. 

Why racing? Consider this a traveling Outlaw Series. This isn’t a National or a Feature or even a race that pretends it’s huge with tons of importance when it’s actually not. It’s just the opposite. The goal is to keep them small. 

The Vurb mission is to bring some good vibes back to the local race scenes around the country with a no pressure, local race day. So pack some bologna sandwiches and come rip some laps. You’ll know you won if you beat best bud and get your sweet cross-up over the finish line in a Vurb vid. The rest doesn’t really matter.  

See below for a breakdown of each day to see what best fits your style. 

Friday: USMCA Coaching. We’ll be announcing coaches for each round in the coming weeks, but we’ve already lines up Martin Castelo for Round 2 in California, and we’ll be hooking back up with your boy Tommy Weeck when we head to Washougal this summer. This is a great way for Novice/Beginner riders to get a day of training and meet qualified USMCA local coaches. 

Saturday: Shred! Consider this a glorified shred day with your crew. Tons of swag, raffles, free hotdogs, pit bike racing, Supercross watch parties, bon fires, cold brews, etc. 

Sunday: Outlaw racing! If there’s not a gate, we’ll pull a rubber band. If there’s not a rubber band, we’ll wave a flag. Can’t ride a 20 minute moto because you get arm pump after two laps? Good, this race is for you then. Consider this the most badass local race you’ll ever attend. FREE hotdogs to the winners, and the losers.

Written by Bird Dog

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