Watch: Somehow, Austin Forkner is Back Riding

Just two months after he broke off a third of his pancreas and had to have his spleen removed in a crash at the final round of Monster Energy Supercross in Salt Lake City, somehow Austin Forkner is back riding!!!!

“I basically damaged a bunch of my internals.. my liver, my kidney… basically damaged all of my insides and messed up my spleen really bad to the point they had to take part of my pancreas—the third of my pancreas—and my whole spleen completely out,” he said at the time.

“This was by far the most painful thing I’ve experienced. It was brutal. It was definitely the toughest six or seven days I was in the hospital it was horrible.”

Blake Shipman recently caught up with Austin to talk about the injury and get some shots of him riding in Oklahoma. 

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Written by Slaw Dog

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