Vurb Original: Derek Drake – Back in Action

One positive thing other than political memes that came from this pandemic this past year was the rising of vurbmoto 2.0. I’ve had the pleasure to work with them numerous times in the past and the crew was always good to me, whether it was giving me ideas for work or letting me run with an idea I pitched them. Since their COVID 19 comeback, I’ve been itching to get back out and make some content and I finally pulled the trigger.

I went out and shot for a few days with my good buddy Derek Drake following the broken femur he endured right before the SX season and to say it was a success would be selling it short. I got to experience running around with a camera capturing cool shit with some of my best friends – the thing I used to love to do on the weekends – with a countless amount of amazing people, all while being supported by the best media company in the business all over again. Although it was a learning curve all from the get-go and quite frustrating at times, it took me back to the roots of the game and I quickly remembered why I used to do it.

I look forward to coming up with some more content in the future when I get some spare time, but here is my latest and be sure to head over to @vurbmoto and shoot them a follow on Instagram, Twitter, grinder, you name it. Huge shout out to Wes Williams for all he has done for me, and Big Mac for slamming Derek and I up a non-stock bike for the shoot. Derek will be riding for BarX Suzuki, as of right now, #33 so keep your eyes on him. Anyways I’m sure only about 5 of my 1500 subscribers will make it this far or even read this, but thank you guys for all the years of support and hope you enjoy. I don’t care about likes, but give me some feedback on what you think. Stoked to be back in the game!

Your old friend,

Brandon Biro


Written by Brandon Biro

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